Sometimes I need girl time. But with littles and life, girl time is often not a priority. Well, I remember the first play date I went to as a young mom. It was such an awesome new idea for me. Take my kid over to someone else's place. Kid plays with other kids and I get to talk to other adults. This made my heart feel super happy (yes, I have watched too much "Ni Hao Kai Lan"). The magical concept of play dates has since become a valuable activity in our home. My children love having friends over, and this momma loves having intelligent conversations. Can I get an amen? I love my kids, but let's face it, cheerios and how fast a spaceship can fly aren't always the most stimulating conversations.
So if you are wanting a little more momma time but can't seem to squeeze in a girls night, try out a play date. And since it's so stinking hot, why not make it a water play date? That's what I did. I found some ideas and tried them out for you. These are simple and were a hit at the play date. Beside setting up some sprinklers and kiddie pools, which are always fun, here's what we did.

Water Activities for Kids

Water Balloon Piñatas
Fill up some water balloons. Tie them on a string about a feet or two apart. Hang them up as pictured. We gave the kids all a stick. On the count of three they all got to bust their water balloon. Some popped all over, others to the side. But ALL the kids thought it was exciting.
Ping Pong Water Toss
I loved this idea because it was really simple. You take bowls from your cupboards and some ping pong balls (I found mine at the Dollar Store). Place the bowls in a kiddie pool and let the kids try to get the ball in bowl. You can see one my boys trying to get a splash ball in the bowl too.
Aqua doodle Drawing

We all love the aquadoodle. It's a great activity for the kids indoors because they won't get crayons on the walls right? Well, have you ever let the kids play with them outdoors? That's what we did. I hung two aqua doodles up by a tray of water. Gave the kids paintbrushes and let them paint. You can see it was hit! And if you don't have an aquadoodle I would suggest taking a look at your local thrift store. That's where I got BOTH of mine.

The play date was really fun for me and my kids. And it was also really nice to be able to talk about our mommy frustrations and ask each other questions. While sitting there listening to all of us talk about our experiences and trying to help each other, I realized how much more we need this on this blog. There is so much we can learn from each other. And this blog was made to help mothers out there. And just like a mother had her bedtime question answered today at the play date, I'd like to create opportunities for other moms to get their questions answered too. So stay tuned. I have some awesome ideas! Love you all!  

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