It's time for another giveaway...and this one's the bomb diggity!  We have searched high and low for some of the best baby products that are currently on the market, and we want to bestow them to one of you lucky Mumsies!

Here's what's up for grabs!


1) Large Bag from Sage and Harper- $82
Due to it's large size, many pockets, and ability to colorfully blend modern and vintage trends, this bag is must have for all Mums! 

2) Nursing Scarf from Uchimama-$50
Being both trendy and practical, this interchangeable nursing scarf will keep you from ever having to dig into your diaper bag for another nursing cover  again!

3) Print from Alice and Ivory-$10
Go HERE for review.

4) Teething Necklace from Nibbly Bits-$38
Consisting of bold designs and colors, people will be amazed when they learn that this necklace was originally designed to satisfy teething babies!

5) Modern Quilt from Simply Shiloh-$150
 Crafted out of beautiful Moda fabric, these quilts would be the perfect addition to any nursery crib!  They are simply the best of the best!

6) Where the Wild Things Are Print from Goodbye Monday-$8
See our personal product review below.

7) Three Wooden Teethers from Little Sapling Toys-$36
Both organic and developmental, these teethers are the perfect toy for your precious baby!

8) Camo Leggings from Madsen Made-$15
See our personal product review below.

9) Mermaid Doll from Green Stitches-$40
See our personal product review below.

10) Print from Alexa Z Design-$13
  Due to it's black and white pallet, this print can stand beautifully on it's own or be a complimentary piece to any art wall!

12) Voucher from Persnikety Clothing-$50
Go HERE for review


Giveaway Rules

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Then, do the following...

1) Follow us and everyone else involved in the giveaway.

2) Repost the image with #mumsybabyweekgiveaway

3) Tag a friend. 

BONUS! Get an extra entry for EVERY friend you tag!

Good Luck Babes!


Goodbye Monday Print
When it comes to selecting attractive and eye catching prints for our little boys' rooms, we love Goodbye Monday!  Although every single item in this shop is absolutely amazing, our current favorite is the "Where the Wild Things Are" print because of the modern and festive look it exudes.

We personally loved this print in the gorgeous rust red, but were equally impressed with the other visually pleasing neutral hued variations that the designer, Lauren Schmucker, offers.  When it comes to little boys, we believe that each and every one of them reflect the rambunctious spirit of the character Max, to some degree; causing each and every one of us Mums to share the same affection for our boys that the Wild Things did for Max.  Which, is exactly why this print is so perfect for any little man's room! 

Madsen Made Camo Leggings
Sometimes, we can be kind of picky when it comes to selecting clothes for our sweet babies.  Wanting clothing articles that are durable, comfortable, trendy, and budget friendly can be quite the big order to fill!  Luckily for us, Madsen Made leggings easily meet all of the demands; causing us to become completely obsessed with them!  Crafted from amazing on-trend fabrics, these leggings are unique in design and also comfortable and easy for babies to move in.

Consisting of multi-cotton fabric and only surged seams for strength and durability, Madsen Made leggings are built to last.  Something that has so far been true to form for our rambunctious boys!  Although we know that these leggings can easily be passed down to each and every boy that we have, we can easily purchase a few more pairs because the price is just as phenomenal as the quality of this product!

Green Stitches Mermaid Doll
There are a million different kinds of dolls out there, but some of the best ones available, are designed by Green Stitches.  Each and every doll they design is incredibly breathtaking; but our absolute favorite is their mermaid dolls!  Made to order, you can design your daughter's doll to look just like her if you choose!

We love every single thing about this doll, but the attention to detail and facial features are by far the things we love most.  Each doll comes with a vibrantly colored and beaded hair flower along with a flirtatious tulle sash/tutu.  Then there's the face!  Just as vibrant as the various fabrics in which each doll is made from, the decal face looks as if it were hand painted it a beautifully artistic and handmade look.  Although we originally thought the price of this doll was rather steep we quickly realized that this doll would probably outlast most of the other ones we currently owned; making it worth every single penny!  When it comes to durability, craftsmanship, and uniqueness it doesn't get any better than a Green Stitches Mermain Doll.


Good Luck!

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