During the 3rd and 4th of July, my family and I love to get out and participate in our city's Freedom Festival events.  But, by late afternoon we are ready to come home and bunker down for the rest of the day; doing any other activities that we are interested in, at home.  In the past, we would mostly just sit in the front yard, eating popsicles, and doing simple outside activities like running through the sprinklers, coloring with chalk, and playing with our outside toys.  This year, however, I thought I would shake things up a bit and have my family try their hands at a fun and festive craft.

My kids LOVE Birthday parties!  In the past, we have had a mini Birthday party for America every Fourth of July; and if you ask me and the kids, it isn't quite a party until you have some fun and crazy hats to wear!  So, for our party hats this year, I thought it would be fun for my kids and I to make some festive creations of our own.

Here's how we did it.

Patriotic Hats

  • 18 oz. Disposable Cups
  • Sparkly Pipe Cleaners
  • Pom-Poms
  • Felt
  • Feathers
  • Card Stock
  • Elmer's Glue and a Hot Glue Gun
  • Festive Ribbon, Twine, or Tape
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Elastic Beading Cord
  • Duct Tape
1. Help your children select a piece of card stock, trace a large shape for the beginning of your hat brim, and cut it out. {Mine each wanted a circle :)}  Then place the bottom of your cup in the center of your shape and trace it.  Remove the cup and cut out the circle you just traced; and you will now have a brim for your hat.

2. Using your hot glue gun, apply glue to the rim of a disposable cup and then place your cup in the centered hole that you cut out. 

3.  Now you have a basic hat!  Have your children use the pom-poms, pipe cleaners, felt, feathers, and festive twine, ribbon, or tape to decorate their hats.  This is when you can use your Elmer's Glue or just continue using your hot glue gun.  Once the hats are decorated, you can wrap the edges of your hat brims around your pencils, to give them a slight curl.

4. To keep hats on heads, cut 18-inch lengths of your elastic beading cord and knot the ends.  Use your duct tape to secure the ends just below the knots, on the inside of your cups.

{Note: If your wondering why Birdie's hat looks like I made it, that's because I did.  She absolutely refused to make her own hat and insisted on watching "Frozen" instead.  I tell ya, that chica drives me absolutely crazy some times!  Good thing she's cute!}

5.  Party the night away while wearing your newly fashioned patriotic hats!

Happy Fourth of July Babes!

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