With endless blue skies, warm weather, and radiant sunshine tending to be the current norm, it's hard to believe that Summer break will soon be over.  But, before we know it, another school year will begin and our children will find themselves reviewing and adding on to what they learned the previous year.  Although the start of school is still a couple months away, there are  plenty of fun ways to help your children retain what they learned in school last year.  

Currently, Gus and I have loved playing "Parking Lot"; a number review game that I frequently used as a former teacher.  However, you can also tweak it to review letters, shapes, colors, and ever sight words (various words that children should know for their current age/grade level.).  Requiring only a handful of materials for assembly, "Parking Lot" is the perfect combination of fun and education.

Number Review Game

(aka Parking Lot)

Here's what you do:

2 standard size pieces of copy paper.




Toy car

1. Using your ruler and a marker, trace straight lines on one of your two piece of paper to form six parking stalls.

2. Write one number in each stall.  I did number 1-6 because those are the numbers I wanted to review with Gus.  But, you can do which ever numbers you want.  

3. With you other piece of paper, 6 out six cards.

4. Write one number on each card, also making sure to draw a counting object below so your children have a visual that they can use to help them decipher what number is on the card.

5. Play the game: Put your cards in a pile and place them face down on the table.  Next, have you children draw the card from the top of the pile, say what number they drew out loud, and then put their toy car in the stall that has the matching matching number (i.e. If your child draws a card with a 6 on it, then they will put it in the stall that has a number 6).

Before you know it, your children will be asking to play this game over and over again!  Something I think any Mum can appreciate.


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