Hey Mums!  It's time again for another Inspiring Mum and boy do we have a good one!  Now-a-days, almost everyone out there knows here as the Freshly Picked mogul, but we know her simply as Susan; and we are beyond thrilled to have her on our blog today!  When it comes to being fierce, inventive, and extremely generous, Susan is the queen.  So, sit back and enjoy all that she has to share on being a Mum in the business world and fighting for the life you dream of having.



Susan Petersen: Freshly Picked

Saying we are excited to be featuring you as our Inspiring Mum this month, would be an extreme understatement!  We have been following your for years, and have developed a deep adoration for your work ethic, motivation, and generosity.  How did you learn to implement those qualities into Freshly Picked and who you are as a person?

Everyday I focus on those key things as a person, those qualities help Freshly Picked be the business that it is. 

When it comes to running your own business and being a mom, what is the one thing you love about each?

I love how challenging each are and that each bring out something in me to be a better person.

There is a lot of guilt that can come with motherhood and being a woman in general.  How do you best navigate through it?

I do the best I can and not worry about the guilt!

We absolutely love your motto, “Get clear about the life you want, and run like hell at it.”  How could each of us implement this in our own lives?

Find what your passion is or what your good at and put all your pride into it, then build your life around that dream. 

Any final words of advice?

Be original, work hard and have fun. 


To sum it all up, we think a loud and clear, "AMEN!" would be sufficient enough.  Here's to being Mums and women who aren't afraid to grab life by the horns; finding joy and excitement in every challenge that comes our way!

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