Welcome to the second day of our Mumsy Baby Week! Hooray! I've been really excited to share one of the greatest joys in my life right now, having a little baby girl!! For those who do not know, we had three lively boys first before having our sweet fantastic princess. So needless to say, we have been ecstatic about having a little girl. I know many moms of boys who are ok with not having a daughter. And I would have been as well, if we had not had a girl. Side tangent, in all reality I am just grateful to have my children. To have four healthy children is a true blessing and I do not take it for granted. Ok, back to how much I love having a girl.
So since we found out we would get a girl, I started shopping. Haha. Can you blame me? This may be our only girl. Yes, we aren't done, but so far our track record doesn't give me much hope for having another girl. So I have wanted to have the FULL girl experience with pink, ruffles, and frills galore. And it has been awesome! This little chica has more headwear than an Arabian king. When she was just a little younger I dressed her in leopard print from head to toe.  I love the girly clothes. So when I started talking to Persnickety Clothing I got pretty excited. And then I was able to try out Baby Bling Bows. So for the rest of the post I will be sharing what I think about these girls clothing and accessories, as well as what I think about another fantastic Etsy shop named Alice and Ivory. All of these generous businesses are participating in our Mumsy giveaway starting tomorrow so stay tuned!

Persnickety Clothing, Baby Bling Bows, and Alice and Ivory Print Product Reviews

Persnickety Clothing Product Review

Item: Layette Blue Dot Basic Tank $37.70 , Layette Multi Bubblie Shorts $39.00

My first impression: This shop is so whimsical. I absolutely love their beautiful patterns as well as the clearly feminine designs. One word to describe the outfit, "RUFFLES!" Remember, I'm excited to dress my little lady girly?
My favorite thing: Quality is really important to me when it comes to kids clothing. My kids play hard, including my babies. And I have loved the quality of Persnickety clothing. I especially love that the clothing is durable but still retains a handmade feel. This particular outfit had the most adorable seashell appliqu├ęs on the front. The bottoms were very forgiving which gave my baby lots of crawling room, which I love.
Not so excited about: The material may need a light iron after washing. But after that your girly will be ready to romp and roam.
Overall: The fit of these items are true to size and outright adorable. I love the designs because they mix the classic feminine styles with contemporary twists and embellishments. I look forward to passing this outfit onto a granddaughter someday. These are such adorable quality heirlooms they justify the price tag. Also the company donates part of their purchase to a child in need.   
Baby Bling Bows Product Review
Item: Knot Headband $10.00
My first impression: While holding the bow in my hand, I am pleased with the elasticity in the headband. It should fit my baby girl for a while. I really like the cute logo on the back. I also like the nice finished edges of the bow. Bows are so hot right now!
My favorite thing: The bow builder! On their site you can make a custom bow with over 26 different colors to choose from. You can also choose the bow color as well as the flower color. That's over 2,600 different color combinations possible! (Haha, math class paid off. Just kidding, I used the internet.) But, really the bow builder would be great for weddings when you would like the flower girls to match the wedding party perfectly. Take note of this site, mommies of girls.  
Not so excited about: The only thing I can complain a little about is the price tag for the simple knot bow. For only $2.00 more you can make a custom bow. So I would say that is the best value. Keep in mind that all their bows are great quality!
Overall: The materials are durable and haven't start pilling which is impressive. I am curious to see how the material holds out overtime. (I may update here) The bow fits my baby great and doesn't leave any marks on her head telling me it isn't too tight. The bow also stays on her head really well which is a plus.
Alice and Ivory Print Product Review

Item: Catch Your Dream Print $10.00
My first impression: Contemporary Designs with happy images. Lots of fun trendy hipster designs to choose from at an affordable price.
My favorite thing: The variety of prints. There is a large array of designs for all children and tastes. There are even birth announcements. The Etsy store offers so much! They have pillows, bows, turbans, clothing, custom designs, totes, and more at the Etsy store!
Not so excited about: Once again I would have to warn buyers that some of the items are boutique pricing such as their blankets but keep in mind that the prices are comparable to other boutique handmade items. You are getting handmade items, "made by mermaids in the San Diego waves".
Overall: I love this brand. The owner of the shop has done a great job creating a trendy contemporary feel and sticking to this through the designs and images. Everything is on point and makes shopping at Alice and Ivory fun and consistent. You know when you come to the shop what to expect.

 I was happy to share the print today while talking about how much I love having a girl because I have caught my dream. My kids are a dream come true. I hope you all tune in tomorrow for the start of our baby week giveaway. Much love!


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