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The third and final round of our Dressy Summer Must-Haves has finally arrived, and this time we are sharing the dressy items we simply can't live without this time of year!  After a long and careful selection process we decided that when it came to dressing our families for the fancier occasions of life, using items from:


were an absolute must!

Collectively, we could give you an overall reason as to why we specifically adore each and every one of these products.  But, being mums with different insights and tastes, we thought it would be more fun if we each told you the reasons as to why these items are an absolute must for us and our families.



Hey there Mumsies!  There are currently so many incredible clothing and accessory items out there.  But, when it came down to it, I wanted items that were easy to wear, durable, and looked simply smashing!  Of course, I am all about finding the perfect deal, but if I had to choose between paying under $20 and buying something that I know will last me for years, I will most always choose the latter.  Here's what my family is wearing and why I love it.

On Moi: Just Ruby Clothing's Mint-shell Audrey Dress.  Made from fabric that is both visually stunning and of the highest quality, this dress is not only easy to wear, but a definite crowd pleaser!  Whenever I step out in the dress I usually have about 5 people on average who stop to ask who made my dress and how they can get one for themselves!  Bonus...thanks to the amazing cut/design of this dress, almost any body type will look absolutely stunning in it!

On Dave: Gwendolyn Kate Shop's Madras Plaid Bow Tie. Designed from a brightly hued plaid, this bow tie pairs well with any solid color button up shirt; bringing just the right amount of pizzazz to your man's attire.

On Gus: Freshly Picked's Butterscotch Moccasins and Eboutique's Green with White Polka Dot Bow Tie.  We absolutely LOVE Freshly Picked moccasins!  Crafted out of the highest quality and beautifully hued leather, these shoes were designed with the every day child in mind!  Consisting of an elastic opening these babies are extremely easy to put on, but most assuredly stay on they are being worn!  Thanks to all of these aspects, all three of my children wear these moccs on a daily basis!

When it comes to dressing up my little guy's outfit, I love Eboutique's bow ties!  Designed with a clasping latch, their bow ties are extremely easy to put on and take off!  Plus, their vairating pastel colors and polka dot design add a fun yet classy twist to any dressy attire that is being worn.

On Birdie: Freshly Picked's Gold Moccasins and Flor de Luz Shop's Las Ninas Dress.  I love dressing Birdie in pieces that are as beautifully unique as she is.  So, I absolutely love her Las Ninas dress!  Not only does it come in a shade of orange that is as bright and vibrant as her personality, but it also consists of gorgeous handcrafted embroidery.  Thanks to light weight fabric, Birdie stays carefree and cool in this incredible dress.  Something that I, as a mother, absolutely love!

See Gus's review for my thoughts on the Freshly Picked Moccs.

On Bug: Freshly Picked's Huckleberry Moccasins and Eboutiques's Purple Polka Dot Bow Tie. See Gus's review.


This photo shoot was so fun to do because I love a good reason to get dressed up. Having lots of kids, I usually am wearing spit-up and my workout clothes so it feels good to sometimes get dolled up and fancy. These are my favorite dressy picks!

On Me: I was privileged to be able to go to Maeberry Vintage to hand pick this fantastic top! Isn't it so fun for summer? This top is perfect for parties and feeling fancy! The best part is Maeberry Vintage is full of gorgeous finds that could fit practically anyone. These pieces are rare and sure to be an awesome topic of discussion!

On Jason: Jason is also wearing a tie from Gwendolyn Johnson. These are fantastic as they are handmade and unique! They are definitely not your ordinary neck tie.  

On the boys: The boys are all wearing stylish ties from E Boutique. We love these ties because they adjust to any size and have a great clasp on the back. Tan-Man and Dane are wearing Freshly Picked Moccs. You can read my review here

On Nora: Nora is wearing a beautiful outfit from Persnickety Clothing. You can read how much I like Persnickety Clothing here. Another thing I love about Persnickety clothing is Persnickety clothing is completely made in the US and they have a great "Buying is Giving" program. You can read about it on our website Nora is also wearing silver Freshly Picked Moccs


And there you have it array of beautiful dressy attire for you to choose from the next time you and your family have somewhere fancy to go, or just want to add a little flare to you wardrobe.  A HUGE thank you, once again, to our talented friend and photographer Heather Bliss.  When it comes to capturing beautifully realistic photos of your and your loved ones she's the Mum to contact!  To view her beautiful work, go HERE.


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