Working and Serving as a Family

We hope you have been enjoying our "Unplugged" Week. Our posts have been centered on the idea that we might turn off our screens this summer and do something else with our families. And there have been some really fun ideas shared already, so feel free to check out our previous posts this week. Today I'm going to suggest service and working together as an activity to do with the family.
On Monday an elderly woman called and asked for help cleaning up her yard. I quickly had the kids get their shoes on, and then explained to them that we are going to a neighbors home to help them. While this wasn't our first time helping a neighbor, I found this a good time to reinforce to my children our views on service and how our family works as a team. This was also a good excuse to once again get outside away from technology.
So today I suggest that we serve and work as a family this summer. If your children are needing an activity, why not work together to occupy the time? Clean the house together. Weed, trim, clean, and mow yours or your neighbors yard. If your yard is already trimmed and beautiful (nice!) and your home spick and span, then you could walk with the kids to a busy street nearby and pic up trash. I know, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun. This is working together, but here's a couple ideas of ways to make it a little more exciting and lot less like work.
 Let the kids pick some working tunes. My mom always had music playing when we cleaned our home growing up. And I've found dancing around the house while cleaning can make work light.
We have played a game often in our home called, "Beat the Timer". We set a timer and see if we can clean a room together before the timer goes off. This would definitely work for outside chores too.
It doesn't hurt to have a special treat waiting for your family after service. I recommend it! Having treats or a fun activity to reward your family after working together is positive reinforcement and leaves a good impression about working together. It could even mean they get to do one of our earlier activities mentioned this week. It doesn't have to cost money.
While I hope you find the suggestions above helpful, the point here is you work together as a family learning what your "team" is capable of. It can be gratifying to step back after a house project and see what can be accomplished if we work together and everyone contributes. And these lessons will translate to the real world later in life too.
Another part of working together is the benefits of service. If you have a chance to do some service this summer there will be lots of good teaching moments of which you could talk to your children about helping others and how it makes them feel. And hey, working together leaves room for just plain talking and spending time together, period. So if nothing else, you were able to spend time together.

I'm a pretty big fan of warm weather if you hadn't noticed. We have been enjoying it over here. How about you? What have you been doing this summer? Any fun activities you've tried? We would love to hear from you. Have a super rest of the week. We love you all and wish you sanity and peace!  

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