Heeellllooo Seattle! Since the first time I visited eight years ago to meet my in-laws, I have been fascinated with this place. Growing up in the desert, I was shocked by the environmental differences between Las Vegas and Seattle. I mean, could you ask for more opposite ecosystems? In fact the first time I came to Seattle I said something to the point that, "There are so many trees! I have only seen this many trees in books!". My sister in-laws just kept laughing at me. It's cool if you want to laugh at me too.
Thankfully my in-laws still live in the Seattle area so we are able to make trips back. And with each time I have visited I have grown to love Seattle for awesome reasons that I'd love to share with you today. I recently shared "What I love about Las Vegas". And I think Seattle deserves it's own post. So here is what I love about the Seattle area. 

1. It's Green Everywhere!
Vegetation grows everywhere because of the humidity and its coastal location. Even as you drive through downtown vines hang from the freeway overpass. It's gorgeous as groves of trees and moss are everywhere.

 2. Vibrant Downtown
If you have visited Seattle you have most likely visited Pike Place market which by itself is an awesome experience. But the downtown has many other places that offer a unique and fun experience. Good examples of this are the Ballard Locks, Fremont Troll, Gum Wall, Safeco Fields, and Dicks Drive Ins., to name a few. The city is a hub of technology and environmental companies. If you'd like more info on points of interests you can find info here.  

3. Fresh Seafood
Guys, I really love seafood. And Seattle has fresh daily caught seafood everywhere. You can have the best King Crab and Salmon in Seattle. And that makes Seattle a pretty awesome place in my book.

4. Salt and Fresh Water
Many times when we visit Seattle we swim. And the best part is we can swim in salt or fresh water. Want to go to the beach or swim in lake? You can do both in the same day in Seattle. Water is everywhere. This also makes Seattle a fantastic place to fish which contributes to it's fantastic seafood industry as mentioned.

5. History and Architecture
I love the rich Native American history that surrounds the Seattle area. It is everywhere in the names of the cities and landmarks. You can also see the influence in the art locally. You can read more about the history itself here. I love driving through the city and seeing how it has become a thriving metropolis. Because of the contemporary influences and century old architecture the city is eye candy down every turn.

Where are you from? Do you have a place you just love? Tell me about it below if you would like to feature your city you can email me at natashia @ themumsyblog. com. I love traveling because I feel like everywhere has a story, history, and excitement to explore. Have a wonderful rest of your week! 

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