There's nothing like the Fourth of July. With the day being filled with hot air balloons, parades, patriotic music, fireworks, and barbecues, it is a truly awesome day. Like most Americans we spend the day with family and friends. Our family usually hosts a barbecue in our backyard with yummy food. When I am able, I like to add a little patriotic spirit to the barbeque through decorations. You guys now I love to decorate.

One year I remember we placed flowers and small flags in vases. And another year we had fun with the American flag as a backdrop. So in preparation for this years barbecue, I've designed a different and fun patriotic table with little pop of contemporary color. I added the deep aquamarine blue because firstly, I love this color, and second I feel like this color just screams, "Summer! So, if you happen to be looking for an idea to decorate for a patriotic meal coming up, here you go. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the placemats are a FREE PRINTABLE!

Fourth Of July Decorations 

Quick Tips:
1.  For spray painting projects, I throw down a tarp. It's much easier than newspaper. Promise.
2. For spray painting cylinders (like toilet paper rolls) you can place a rock on top to easily paint all areas.
Firework Centerpieces
These are simple firework centerpieces. I will show you how to make both the small and large ones. They add a flare of patriotic spirit and fun! These are sure to be a focal point for your next Fourth of July celebration. Don't forget the FREE printable at the end.
Supplies you will need:
  • LARGE FIREWORS- (3) Different sized cylinders from household objects such as oatmeal, formula, drink mixes, etc.
  • SMALL FIREWORKS- toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut smaller
  • (3) different colors of spray paint
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • foil star garland on wire (I found mine at Dollar Tree)
  • SMALL FIREWORKS- Duct tape
  • SMALL FIREWORKS- tin foil
  • scissors
Spray paint the containers three different colors with the sturdy bottom facing up. Let dry completely. Using the screwdriver and hammer make a hole in the center on the top as pictured. Cut strips of the foil star garland and gather them together. Place the ends of the bundle through the newly made hole on the top. Make the foil garland pieces twirl by wrapping them around a finger as and then spacing them out.

Spray paint the toilet paper rolls all different colors. Something that will help is placing a rock on top to hold them down. Those toilet paper rolls will be everywhere if you don't. Once the paint dries, place a piece of duct tape over the top to create a sturdy top as pictured below on the left. Finish the top with a folded piece of tin foil. Gather some smaller pieces of foil garland stars. Cut them desired length. Stick the small bundle of stars in the top as pictured below to the right. Wrap the foil stars once again around your fingers to curl them. After taking them off your fingers, space them out.


Lastly, here's how I styled this FREE printable. The red strip down the middle of the table is just a dollar store tablecloth folded in half. I added some sparklers and star sunglasses to finish off this patriotic place setting. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And let us know what fun ideas you have found for the Fourth of July. We would love to hear from you.

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