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There's no doubt about it, we here at Mumsy love the countless inspiring women that we have the great privilege of knowing.  But,with Father's Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to an Inspiring Dad instead.  

Meet Jason Dunnigan.  Being a Dad is hard work, but Jason takes it all in stride; sharing his insights and experiences on The Modern Dad.
.  Whether he's sharing tips on home organization or talking about the latest fashion trends for men and boys alike, Jason does a phenomenal job at showing others the joy that comes from living in this modern world.  So grab your man, sit down together, and enjoy reading all that Jason has to share!

We are so excited to have you as our Inspiring Dad for this month!  But, before we get into the nitty gritty, would mind sharing a brief summary about yourself?
My name is Jason, The Modern Dad, and I am obsessed with shopping, cleaning, my family, and really just doing anything for others. I have a slight obsession with reality TV, specifically KUWTK, Real World, and The Challenge. I started The Modern Dad because I felt like dad's get a bad wrap that we work, come home, and not help around the house and with the kids. I work and when I get home I keep working. I love dressing my son, helping my wife, changing diapers, keeping the house clean, and cooking/baking. Not to say that my wife doesn't do anything, but we're a team and we work together helping with everything. 

Obviously, you are Dad.  Can you tell us a little more about your absolutely precious little boy?
My son is the chunkiest, loudest, funniest little guy ever. I love him and never thought I could possibly love someone as much so fast. He hates when I try to get him dressed because he has to be watching everything that is going on around him. He isn't shy, in fact he loves attention and if you're not giving him enough he will let you know with a very loud scream. He is pretty unique in that he doesn't crawl, but does a backwards worm like move. It's a site to see!

Fatherhood is definitely not what it used to be.  In today’s society, Men and Women’s roles are more blended.  How do you think the union of relationship responsibilities affects those who are fathers and husbands?
Fatherhood has changed a ton from what it was when I was growing up. Fathers participate way more than they ever have and I think this is great for families as a whole. We don't say, "That's women's work!" We do things as a team and work together. If my wife was home with a screaming kid all day, when I get home from work she is going to want a break. The Modern Dad comes home from his "break" and helps her have time to relax. Being parents isn't easy for mother's or father's, but if we are working together it lightens the load for everyone. 

On your website, you talk a lot about food, favorite interests, fashion, family, and ways to freshen your home.  What are the ways in which you incorporate these into fatherhood; and how do they benefit the relationship you have with your son and wife? 
As every parent knows, being a parent is a full time job: things need to be cleaned, clothes need to be washed, the family needs to be fed. Why should these things only be something the mother should be doing? They shouldn't! As The Modern Dad I feel like I am just as capable of making dinner, doing the laundry, picking out what my son wears (and sometimes my wife), and finding new things that my child will love. I just want to make life a little easier for all of us and if that means doing these things I am more than happy to do them. They really are simple things, but for years mom has been expected to do them and I am just breaking that stereotype and setting the standard for what dad's can and should be doing. 

If you could give one key piece of advice to every dad out there, what would that be?
It doesn't matter if you have one kid or 19 kids, the first person you should be coming home to and kissing should be your wife. Show her that you care and truly are grateful for what she has done while you have been at work, even if it was just feeding the baby, that takes a lot and she deserves your love and kindness. Then evaluate what's going on at home and step in. Sometimes it's frustrating and you have had a hard day too, but at the end of the day this is your family and you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to show them all how much you love and care for them.I have found that there is always time for everything, but if you just spend a little bit of time with your wife and family then you will be able to get everything done in the end. 


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