Fostering Age Appropriate Toys

Nestled up against the entrance into Provo Canyon, is the a beautiful, open air complex called the Shops at the Riverwoods.  Home to many incredible shops, one that is known well and cherished by every Provo resident, is Blickenstaff's; a nostalgic candy and toy store that focuses on creating a one of a kind shopping experience for it's patrons.  Since the very first day it opened, I have always been in love with everything that Blickenstaff's stands for.  So I asked their Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Kyle Aldous, to share exactly what Blickenstaff's is all about.  


1) Tell us about your company and why you started it.
Blickenstaff's originally began as a toy & candy shop that would be a place where kids, parents and grandparents could all come and have a wonderful experience. Our goal was to provide an atmosphere that allowed an entire family to come and create lasting memories together. We encourage families to play together and test different items before buying so that they can see exactly what they're getting and know that they will love it when they get home.  

2) What kind of products do you carry, and why.
We carry a wide variety of items for all age groups. In fact you will find toys and candy in our shops that your parents and grandparents will love because it reminds them of their own childhood :) We have carefully selected each item you find in our shop because we believe that it has the ability to help your child grow in some way. We are especially fond of items that encourage families to spend time with one another. We believe that playing together will strengthen family relationships and will also help children as they develop mentally and emotionally.

3) Why do you think age appropriate toys are so important?
When carefully selected, you can find toys that will help stimulate growth for your child at every age. Toys should be fun and should also help your with your child's growth and development. 

4) When it comes to purchasing age appropriate toys, what are the most important things parents can look for, and do?
Parents can check labels, read reviews, and ask friends but you will never know until you play it with your child and observe how they engage with the toy. This is one of the biggest reasons we want people to play in the shop (aside from the fact that we just like playing all the time!). When you play with the item in the shop you can see how your child engages and plays with the item. This will allow you to see if it's something worth buying :)


I have always been a huge advocate for age appropriate.  Mostly because, having the right toys can foster an educationally stimulating environment in which children can easily gain knowledge and growth through play.  When purchased with the right mind set, toys can be viewed as a fabulous parental aid instead of the cluttering nouscience that we usually view them as.

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