Hiking with Kids

It's summer time and with the kids home we are going to be sharing some awesome activity ideas in a few weeks. Until then here's a great summer suggestion to get everyone some fresh air: hiking. I love hiking. Partially because of the positive experiences I had through my childhood. Every summer we would visit my Nana and Papa in Southern California. Our visit would consists of airplanes, the beach, and hikes with Papa. I remember hiking the Wendy Trail on the outskirts of Newbury Park. This hike consists of grasslands, cactus, yucca, fields of poppies, thick trees, vast mountains, and a rewarding waterfall at the end of the hike. Many peaceful happy memories were made on this trail for me.

So we all know hiking with your children has health and bonding benefits. And those are amazing reasons to get outdoors, but I feel for me the experience of hiking through my youth had other benefits. As I hiked and played outside in the sunshine I gained a priceless awareness of nature. I learned about harmony and how the world naturally grows and thrives. And as I walked the dirt trails outside of my normal neighborhood I learned they were intimidating, mysterious, beautiful, and interesting. Being outside made me wonder and imagine. I remember at a young age creating stories of the forest and the creatures that lived there. Another benefit of hiking through my youth is I gained an appreciation for the journey and finishing something that seemed hard. This has metaphorically translated into my life today.

 Now I cannot promise that these revelatory lessons will be learned by all but I'd like to hope my children may gain some if not other lessons from being outside and along those trails. And I do not want to discount the value to spending quality time together or healthy habits. If my children didn't learn anything else, I would still be happy if they remembered hiking with mom. So with the summer break just starting, if you're able, let's step outside of our homes this summer! Perhaps onto a hiking trail or even just around your neighborhood.

And if you are unfamiliar with your area here is a site to get you started. This site will show you the nearest biking and hiking trails! We are so excited to share in a couple weeks more summer activity ideas. Until then I hope you all fun and some sanity with your children home. I know I'm going to need it!

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