Happy Friday Mumsies!  Today is the last day of our unplugged week, and we hope you have all had as much fun as we have with all of the activities that have been shared.  In case you missed anything, here's what we've done this week:


When it comes to unplugged activities, one of our favorites is building/playing in homemade forts!  So, today I will be sharing one of my favorite types of forts with you. 

Behold, the Canopy Fort!

Made from a bed sheet, hula hoop, and some rope, this beauty is the perfect add-on to outdoor fun that will keep your little ones in the great out doors for ages!

Here's what you do:

DIY Canopy Fort

1) Purchase a hula hoop, crafting rope, safety pins, and bed sheet.  If you already have all of these items, you are good to go!

2) Cut off four long, and equally sized pieces of rope.  Tie each piece on the hula hoop, placing them in such a manner that one will always be directly across from another.  See image below.

3) Pin the top edge of your sheet to your hula hoop by folding it over and securely pinning it directly to itself.

4) Hang your newly made fort from a tree branch or any other good hanging place, fill it with some pillows, blankets, books, snacks, etc. and let the good times roll!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend that is filled with laughs, love, and adventure!

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