Summer Must have Maxi Skirts

Hiya!  My name is  Shelby and I blog over at Brandon and Shelby, and I am so excited that the Mumsy Blog asked me to be apart of their Summer Must Have series. Michelle asked if I would share a dressier item that is great to wear during the summer, and I knew I would talk about a maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are just perfect because I always feel like I'm a little more dressed up when I have a skirt on, but yet its still long and easy to move in so I can still play with my boys. I

Maxi skirts are so versatile... sometimes I will dress it up with wedges but for this day we went out into the city of Boston and I felt like flats were needed. Lots of walking! Do you own a maxi skirt? How do you like to dress it up? Button up shirt, blouse, heels??

Maxi skirts are such a simple and easy trick to feel more dressed up, I hope that helped kick some ideas on how to feel more put together! Thanks for reading and see you around on the web!

Summer Must have Summer Must have Summer Must have Summer Must have Summer Must have


  1. Lovely! Love maxi skirts

  2. Thanks! They are one of our favorite things to wear this time of year!