Quality Time: Raising Future Dads


As you all know by now, the Mumsy gals just love our local toy store Blickenstaff's!! Each time I'm there my thoughts go back to the fictional toy store in Home Alone 2. Then, I immediately search for a place to hide until the place closes to live out my dream of spending the night by myself in there! (Don't even tell me you don't think about the same thing!) Todays post could definitely gush paragraph after paragraph over what we love about our go to store for everything fun! But this week is supposed to be about the dads in our lives!

I don't get deep very often, but I would like to explore the idea of nurturing future Dad's. If you lump all 8 of our munchkins together, the majority of them are boys! (6 of them in fact!) So we are always thinking of ways to send out good young men into the world. Better yet, the best future father's we can fathom!

So, what things can we do to teach them the right things? We can teach them manners, help them cope with disappointment, make sure they are courteous & kind... The list can be lengthy, if it ends at all! But, what is a good way to help them get a grasp on all of these merits without it being a lesson? I think the perfect start could be to sit down with them & play a game! Stay with me here! All the things I mentioned above can be taught within the structure of family game night! Plus, you give them your time, one of the most precious things you have to give! Today, we have made it easy for you to find a brand new game for you to enjoy with the ones you love!

Blickenstaff's, as always, has been generous enough to donate 3 games for us to try out & review with the babes we hold dear!! Thank you Blickenstaff's! We love you!


Survive: Escape From Atlantis
The game of Survive is based off of the legend of Atlantis with visually appealing hexagonal tiles and perfectly designed wooden pieces. "Survive is a cutthroat game where players seek to evacuate their pieces from an island that is breaking up, while remembering where their highest-valued pieces are located to maximize their score." (1) My husband and I have been eager to play this game with friends and family because of it unique board setup and exciting game play. With each tile flipped, they initiate different actions, so you are never sure what will happen! Though there is a spontaneous element in the game, there is still many strategies to be implemented which I enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this game and playing it multiple times. The third or fourth time playing the game, I was able to figure out a new strategy which won me the game. So Survive is definitely a game to try and keep playing with added enjoyment. 

Due to the simplicity of the game, Dixit is a game that can be played by both Adults and children.  Consisting only of beautifully illustrated cards, the game requires the players to use their imaginations and construct a sentence that best describes the image they are looking at.  By the end of the evening each player will have the opportunity to be both a storyteller and a sleuth as they take turns narrating the images on the cards and trying to guess which image belongs to each player. 
As you can tell, the game is simple, but it's addicting!  So, the next time you are looking for a game that everyone can enjoy playing, get Dixit.  It will instantly become a classic favorite in your home!


Spot It: Fairy Tale

This is another simple, yet fun game. I love that almost anyone in your family could catch on & have fun with this card game. Like any other game in the Spot It family, each card has at least one matching item to every card in the deck. The cards are full of pictures, actually they only have pictures on them! So, the littlest ones of your brood can participate! My favorite part of the whole game is that each card builds a fairy tale! This may deter you from playing it with your boys, but I promise my little dude didn't have a problem with the princesses. There were quite a few frogs & knights involved in our story! 

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*Special thanks to Blickenstaff's again for the game donations!

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