Hey Mumsies!  Originally, I had planned to share my top 5 must-have Father's Day gifts with you.  As I began to think about what those would be, it dawned on me, that my sweet husband, Dave, could do a much better job at this!  So, without further adieu, I'll let him give you the real scoop on some of the things Dad's really want this time of year.



Dave is wearing an awesome bow tie by Gwendolyn Jonson that you can buy HERE

Wow, I never thought I would be asked to represent Fathers as a whole, let alone be allowed to post on my wife’s blog!   I don’t know what I want half the time and maybe your husbands are similar and tell you they don’t want or need anything.  Or, maybe you are fortunate to have a husband who knows what they want and are not afraid to let that be known.  You are the lucky ones.  So, with that being said, I give you my top five

Father’s Day Gifts

from an indecisive husband. 

5) Gift Card.  You can never go wrong giving them money to spend at a store they enjoy. 

4) Something related to a hobby they love.  For me, that's anything that has to do with golfing, basketball, or fishing.

3) Day of service from the kids.  When my kids are old enough I just want some good fashion homemade gift like a back rub, breakfast in bed or really, anything else.  

2) A Romantic evening with the wife is never a bad idea. 

1) With how busy life can be, time to relax is a rare commodity.  So, giving your man the day to just do whatever and not worry about a thing, would be awesome!



In the past, choosing the perfect Father's Day gift for Dave was quite the challenge because he can be quite indecisive.  But, the longer we have been married, I've realized the best kind of gifts for him, are the ones that show him he is loved.  Whether your hubby likes to keep it simple or enjoys something with a little more pizzazz, selecting the perfect gift for him will be an absolute cinch if you focus on his interests and the things he loves most.

Loves and Hugs,

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