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 Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Do you know what to give for fathers day? I'm getting ready over here at my casa. We've gone shopping and almost told daddy twice. (Kids don't keep secrets well) And you all know I'm crafty so of course I have to make something for fathers day. I made my man a book called, "Dad, I Want To Be Just Like You". This is a 8 page book about the how we want to be like dad.
When I started thinking about what I wanted to make, I decided to create a craft that would spotlight the character attributes we all love in the fathers in our lives. A flaw in MY character is I often focus on the attributes I hope my husband will fix, so I wanted to try to be more positive and focus on what my husband does well in this craft. 
I am going to be honest, this project ended up being quite a lot of time and paper cuts. But in the end, I am thrilled with how it turned out and excited to see my husbands response. So if you're up for some crafting get your scissors out and grab your kiddos.

Father's Day Handmade Book/ FREE Printable

This is a FREE downloadable and printable Fathers Day book that can also be used for Grandpas. You can customize the book according to the children in your family as well as the pages you would like to use. I even created a blank page so you can make this the best Fathers Day gift ever!
*crayons and/or markers
*glue stick
*duct tape
*contact paper
*(optional) cardstock
*printed pictures of faces of kid(s) and father or grandpa. You will need to print the same amount of faces as pages. For example if you are printing 5 pages you will need 5 copies of each face.
Dad/Grandpa face - 7/8 in.
Oldest child 6/8 in.
2nd child 5/8 in.
3Rd child 4/8 in
4rth child 3/8 in.
*files downloaded from here:
1. Print off files and pages you would like to use. The book is designed to fit on 8 1/2 by 11 standard cardstock paper. I saved the files on my SD card and took them to Staples to have them printed. If you provide your own cardstock it is 40 cents cheaper so that's why I added it as an optional supply. You could also just print pictured off your printer as well.
2. Cut each page at the bottom line about halfway through the paper under the writing on each page. (pictured below)

3. Cut out the faces. I used an old egg carton to hold the pictures of the faces.(pictured below) 
4. Have the kids color the people on each page. (pictures below to the right)
5. Glue the faces to the bodies once they are both cut out and arrange on the picture. (pictured below to the left)
6. Glue the dad and kid pictures with bodies onto the pages.
7.  To keep the pieces on the page and preserve the book, cover both sides with contact paper leaving a 2-inch overlap on top. I folded the contact paper around the bottom.
8. Trim any excess pieces on the sides and ends.
9. Line up the pages in the order desired and staple the tops. (pictured below)
10. Cover the top excess contact paper and staples with duct tape.

11. Give it to the kids to enjoy! Then wrap it up for the big day.

As always leave a comment with questions, comments, and just plain shout outs!


  1. Instead of contact paper one could use page protectors. It wouldn't be as permanent but it would work. This is really cute!!!

    1. Jamille. Hey there! Yes, page protectors is definitely an option. I chose contact paper because the pages are not 8 1/2 by 11 when cut. But if you wanted a shortcut, page protectors is definitely a good option. Thanks for adding your suggestions. It is always welcome.

    2. Oh and thanks! I'm glad you thought it was cute!