My kids love to create pictures.  Whether they are creating something with colored pencils, crayons, or paint, they can spend a good 30 minutes making the most beautiful images!  Like most children though, my kids love many things.  

Equal to their love for art is their adoration for being outdoors.  So, using sidewalk chalk outside is complete and utter bliss for my little ones.  

Of course, my kids are completely content to just color with chalk outside but every now and again we like to shake things up a bit.  Currently, Gus and Birdie have loved creating beautiful masterpieces with chalk paint and taking pictures with chalk hats.  If you too have children who love to draw or play outside, then they will love these two activities too!

Here's how you do them.

Sidewalk Chalk Activities  

Chalk Paint

What You Need:

Ziploc Bags
Hammer or Mallet


1. Place sidewalk chalk in your Ziploc bags; one color per bag. 
 Note: One piece of chalk will give you a good amount of powder.

2. Crush the chalk using your hammer or mallet.

3. Place each baggie of crushed chalk in its own, separate bowl. 
Note: You will want to double up each bag.

4. Mix enough water into each bowl, to get a consistency that closely resembles paint.

5. Pull out some paint brushes and watch your children's creativity jump onto the pavement!

Note: Any kind of chalk will work for this activity.  But, keep in mind that your chalk paint will be as vibrant as the chalk that you used to create it.  If you decide that your chalk paint is lacking in vibrancy, simply add a drop or two of matching food coloring to each batch of paint.

Chalk Hat Pictures

What You Need:




1. Draw a variety of hats on the pavement.

2. Have you children lay directly beneath the hats and snap some fun pics.

And there you have it Mumsies!  Hope you're enjoying our unplugged week!

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