Cheap & Easy Camping Tips

Hey there mumsies!! Who doesn't get overwhelmed with all the preparations that follow the decision to take a camping trip with their brood? I know I'm the very first to admit it has had the best of me before I got my act together! My girl Faith Jolley is a writer for our local news station. (KSL) She recently wrote an article that made so much sense to me, I just had to share it with you! Click here to read her article entitled "5 Ideas to Make Camping Cheaper". It really got me thinking about things I could to do make a trip more fun & so much less stressful! Here are 5 tips that have made our trips easy & fun in the past...

1. Lighting & heat are an essential when camping. For fire starters my best tips are cotton rounds soaked in candle wax. (To get it started.) For dry match storage, get a clean small food storage container & glue a small nail file or piece of sandpaper on the top for the starter. For lighting , you might already have a gallon jug laying around. You also probably have a head lamp you will be packing as well. Fill up that jug with water at the campsite & wrap your head lamp around it with the lighting element facing the jug. The light will fill the inside of the jug & illuminate your tent. I like this idea because the little ones can knock this over & not light the place on fire! As far as the tiny people go, a peanut butter jar with the label taken off & a battery operated tea light has always been a hit in my fam!

2. Cooking is the last thing we think about & the only thing on my mind when I arrive. Of course we have snacks packaged & ready, but making a quality meal can be tricky. The best thing to do for a quality meals is to have spices for each item you prepare. The worst thing is to come back from a long hike & have to eat a bland piece of chicken. Everyone knows to pack spices in pill bottles or Tic Tac containers, but have you ever thought about bringing a cloves of garlic or onions? This can turn around any meal in a jiff! (Yep, get over it, I said jiff!) I always bring the two together. Just wrap them in a clean pair of panty hose & separate them by tying knots between each. I've even prepared a meal in a large plastic bag, frozen & put on dry ice. Then I'll store it in a cooler until we are ready to cook!

3. Keep it clean girl! My mom sent me her germaphobia right into the womb while she carried me. I can't handle the grime that follows me whilst in the great outdoors for too long! I always used to keep the remaining leg of my onion panty hose to tie off a bar of soap to a tree limb as part of our hand washing station. Since I decided I don't like to wash my hands with everyone else's hand skin & germs. (Yes, my paranoia is that bad!) Now we bring a bag full of soap shavings, cut with the large end of a cheese grater. This way, everyone has an individual soap to carry in their pocket for when they need it. If you shave them thin enough, they should be gone with each hand wash. Also, you can rub them on bug bites for relief if you are so unfortunate! For the actual hand washing station I've seen a new Pinterest pin floating around that involves an old laundry detergent container with a spout that is filled with water for the "sink" & a dollar store paper towel holder on top.

4. Know which bugs & plants to stay away from. Poison Oak, Poison Ivy & stinging nettles are the most notorious plants for putting a damper on your trip. Mosquitoes, spiders, wasps & bees are the bad bugs to keep an eye out for. Of course, there are many different species of plants & bugs alike. Make sure you Google those specific to the area you're visiting, but definitely keep watch for the those that seem suspicious! Bug prevention can be simple though! Bring bundles of sage for your non-food fires. It smells great & keeps the unwanted critters away! Essential oils that deter insects include clove, patchouli, tea tree oil, lemon & citronella. You can make a homemade bug spray with these as long as you use two parts water for each one part oil. Spray this on sleeves, pant cuffs, socks & shoe soles. This way, you aren't exposing your loved ones to nasty chemicals & you will smell as fresh as the nature around you!

5. Be safe out there! We have all seen the tiny first aid kits in an old pill bottle. These can include simple things like bandages, aspirin, antibiotic cream, a few safety pins & matches. This way, everyone can carry these in their packs & nobody will ever be without some help! I love this, because the little ones may not be able to open the bottles, but they can still be a proud helper!

Pick & choose whatever you would like from these. Just don't pick your nose! (J.K. girl, you're grown. Do what you want!) Have a ton of fun while you're away from screens & things! I hope you're all having a great summer so far!


  1. These are great tips thanks for sharing - except for the tip about putting all your toothpaste etc into little individual straw packets so you can throw them away - little pieces of plastic littering the pristine beautiful natural places we camp are just as disgusting as sand and dirt around a toothpaste lid.

    (PS - I am only posting as anonymous because I don't have a URL or blog or anything, I'm not trying to not take responsibility for my words, my apologies if that's what it looks like).

    1. We agree full heartily! So much that we will edit our post. Thank you for your input!