Happy Father's Day

We made it to Saturday! Phew. This week has been really busy for me. And it's not over yet. Thankfully though, I can say that I am really ready for Father's Day. And my man is going to be spoiled! If you have missed any of our rad Dad posts in the last week, here's a recap :

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 Women rock, there's no denying that. But, men can be pretty awesome too. So I think it's safe to say we have enjoyed honoring Fathers this last week. Today my handsome husband has agreed to share his thoughts on Fatherhood. I feel it fitting to express my gratitude to my husband for all he has done as a Father. Thank you. With that said here's my husbands words on the aspirations of fatherhood.

 When I think of all the many Fathers gone before me, I am called to a heartened fondness for all things awesomely awesome. That's right, Father's are awesomely awesome!

From all of the wonderful examples around me to the here and now, I am certain a kind, gentle & personable father is one of the best father's, but I put before you an acrostic that you can hearken to as the days go by:

F - Fearless

A - Awesome

T - Tactful

H - Helpful

E - Endearing

R - Reliable

A Fearless father isn't afraid of the challenge to raise children and love's the energy and excitement they bring to each and every moment. In a vast and varied world, this father stands bold against the challenges and knows that the spark of life in a child lights the way ahead.

An Awesome father has usually been around the block a few times and has come to realize what is most important in life isn't the order and structure of all things, but the individual relationship that is cherished with each child and his spouse. An Awesome father can get to work, yet understands the value of spontaneous fun and knows how to show his children a good time planned or not. Smiles make the world go round :)

A Tactful father knows just what to say, how and when to say it... to his spouse. :) Once he learns that, yes, he too can find the right words to say to his little ones and those that may not be so little anymore. It may not always come out right the first time, but with multiple forgiving attempts from a child, a father will bring his child's spirits soaring.

A Helpful father will lead by example and lift his children to his level. He will find ways to teach them and support the mommy that often carries the weight of each child a little more.

An Endearing father is the life of his children. He loves them tenderly and shows them the way to act in the way that he treats his spouse. He is full of life and engages with them on a personal level regularly.

A Reliable father is always there through thick and thin. He is prepared for the best and the worst life has to throw at him. His children know that he has their back and will do anything for them.

If you are a father and are like me, you and I are not the Father that I have outlined above. However, we hope and aspire to become so like unto many an example such as our own fathers & grandfathers that have demonstrated these and many more wonderful characteristics. What a blessing to have fathers and father figures that mean so much to us in our own lives that lift us and encourage us along the path of life. None of them are perfect, but many of them are the Best! Thank you to you all and a Happy Father's Day indeed!



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