My Good Dad Turned Into An Awesome Grandpa

Here at Mumsy, we are just so grateful for the men in our lives! They work hard, they sacrifice, they play, they love & they drives us a little nuts on top of it all! This is all for us though. Our men do everything they can do to take care of their families & make them happy. This week we solute you!!
With that said, I would like to start with a tribute to my Dad. He rarely gets called that anymore though. Now, it's strictly Pop Pop! He is all of the things I mentioned above & more.
My Dad & I had our ups & downs. He likes to tell everyone (like EVERYONE) that aliens came & took over my body the moment I turned 13. (Ha ha! Not cool Dad!) I know I'm responsible for a lot of headaches though. On the other hand, I never understood his intensity. He also was an avid hunter & that just plain freaked me out! I'm sure it was the same for most of you, especially if you're the oldest child. But, as I got older & a tad bit more (uh hum) mature, I had an epiphany. How was this 40-something year old man supposed to know how to deal with a moody, immature, teenage girl? He was only a kid himself when I was born after all! That poor guy had two more to deal with after he was done with me. Bless his heart!  
They always say "good things come to those who wait". For my dad, that meant one thing...BOYS! He would have been just as happy with granddaughters. But, the fact that he finally had two brand new boys was better than any gift we could have given him. We don't know what this next baby is just yet, but he has proven to be the best Grandpa the world has ever seen! To cap off this super sappy post, I wrote my dad an even sappier poem! I firmly believe that the best Father's Day gifts he ever got were given before the age of nine. I may be in my thirties now, but if it was good then, it will be great now! Enjoy! 
You're a little crazy, I am too.
Maybe that's why we are stuck together like glue.
You are so many, I think you always thought you would have sons.
But were surprised at how gentle you could be with 3 girls for your little ones.
You never mastered the pony tail without any bumps,
But could wrestle us for an hour without any lumps.
You start so many projects, it seems like you're never done.
It's probably because we asked you to fix everything under the sun.
You made me work hard & I always hated it.
You never liked irresponsibility & that's why I dated it!
If I were to look at all of the gray hairs on your head,
I think it's safe to say I gave you most of them.
With all of that stress, anyone else would be dead!
There are so many times that I made you worry.
I'm sorry for that.
Growing up, I'm not sure why I was in such a hurry!
I didn't always understand you.
I'm sure your feelings are mutual too.
It's all over.
It's time to have joys & many funs!
Now it's just you & your little grandsons!
Now you're a Pop Pop in all of your glory,
Now you live to tuck them in & tell them a story.
You have our permission to feed them candy for dinner.
Even if I have to bring their energy back down to a simmer.
You may take them to movies full of irreverence & gas.
As long as you teach them how to talk to a girl with some class.
Tickle & laugh like it's going out of style,
So when they think of their Pop Pop they will always smile.
So, now you see, as you thought you were raising three daughters with big attitudes.
We were only raising the best Pop Pop we could have had for two little dudes!
Love you Dad! Thanks for everything!


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