Psi Bands Product Review


When I found out I was carrying my second baby, my first thought was "hooray, finally!" My second thought was "please pass the nausea meds!" My first pregnancy involved a lot of vomiting. So much that I had to claim my own trash can at work, that was maliciously sent to the compactor outside the day I left on maternity leave! My poor coworkers! Bless their hearts for putting up with me that whole time!

Obviously, the medication I was on didn't work as well as it should have. Most of the time it just curbed the actual throwing up. The nausea was still in full effect. I suffered through it for the rest of my pregnancy. (I had no choice!) But, I was always worried about what the drugs were doing to my baby. This time around, it was so bad I had to be on two different nausea prescriptions. I felt like I had no other option. I couldn't find any other solution.
I finally came across a product called Psi Bands. I tried similar products in the past, but I never saw a difference. They always slipped around or were too tight on my wrist. As you know, if you're nauseous, any other discomfort is unacceptable! Take a look at the pictures below & see the comfortable fit & how it doesn't have any room to slip. (Don't mind my chubby hands either! Seriously, don't!) I think the difference is in the design of the disc that sits on your wrist. This may be the only thing that might bother anyone who retains a lot of water while pregnant. They do leave a tiny bull's-eye on my wrist after I have had them on for a while. But, it really isn't a big deal to me at all. I don't have any red carpets to walk down! However, those little things are the reason these babies work so well. There is a pressure point there that helps control nausea. The disc uses acupressure to curb symptoms. Not only are these great for morning sickness, they also help with motion sickness & chemotherapy related nausea, & anesthesia as well. Three more situations where you really don't want to take drugs with nasty side-effects! 

*Just a little side note! I'm wearing these a little tight & a little too high on my wrists. They still worked great, but it would definitely benefit you to read the instructions more thoroughly than I did!! LOL!*

 You can find these little wonders on the Psi Bands website, but also at Target & Babies 'R' Us. (Make sure to check their site for a more detailed list of retailers!) They have also been featured in O Magazine, Self, Fit Pregnancy, & several other publications. I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one breathing a "psi" of relief after finding these lovely lovely things!! For more information, go to

That's it for today Mumsies! I really hope this helped you find some comfort during that yuckie first trimester!!

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