This week on Mumsy it is officially unplugged week! All this week we will be posting fun activities to do with your crazy, energy-filled, summer-break-loving kids, other than watching TV. Between us Mumsy moms, we feel like there are some times when TV is a necessary evil. But other times we just need a novel idea to inspire us to turn off the tube and have some fun. I personally am a firm believer on spending personal time with my kids. I know I've blogged about this before but spending quality time with each of my children makes such a big difference.

Today I am writing about some glow fun I had with the kids over the weekend. My oldest was so excited to do these glow activities that with each new game he would scream with excitement. (Sorry neighbors) To get started, I purchased all my glow supplies at Dollar Tree. Here are three easy glow activities for the kiddos. 

Glow Fun Activities for Kids

1. Ring Toss

Purchase glow necklaces and a couple packages of glow fingers. Use the fingers as markings for the ring toss pushing them into the ground. Use the necklaces to toss onto the glow markers tossing 2-4 times each and keeping score.

2. Bowling

At Dollar Tree they have glow balls. I purchased one of these as well as some glow sticks. This was a really easy activity to do. Assemble the glow ball, set up the glow sticks and bowl. 
3. Glow Paint
Crack open a glow stick and pour it into a bowl. Let the kids paint on the sidewalks with the glowing paint with paintbrushes. Just make sure no one drinks the glow paint! When you are all done hose off the paintings for an easy cleanup. And washing your kids hands would probably be a good idea as well.  

So there's a few simple but fun activities to do with the kids. I purchased all my supplies for under $10. And these activities are suitable for a large array of ages so I hope your family has fun with these glow activities. 
Lastly I'd like to share a fun glow product out there. They're called FlikFlops. The product is on kick starter and has a wonderful story behind them. They have an important cause,"Keeping kids safe... We hear too many stories about kids having accidents because 'someone couldn't see them'. Our vision is to make safety fun."

They are durable flip flops with bright flashing lights on the sides. My favorite feature of these is the thick sole with the flashing lights. Because the sole is thick and durable it make me comfortable sending my active son wearing them everywhere. These aren't your normal thin flimsy flip flops.
My son also really enjoyed the flashing lights since its not too common to find flip flops that light up instead of sneakers. With warm playful nights we couldn't ask for a better option for summer. The lights are really fun and we are excited to wear these the rest of the summer.
My only thing I would like in addition to these well designed flip flops is an option for a back strap. I would love smaller sizes with a back strap for younger children as well. These are just that good of an idea. 

Right now they have FREE shipping and a sale. So hurry and check out more about Flik Flops here!  

Alright lovelies. What have you been doing with the kids since school got out? I have really been into the outdoors this summer. I wrote about our hiking adventures here.  I hope you all have a happy Monday. And seriously, whats going on over at your casa? 

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