Visiting and Traveling to Vegas

I really enjoyed growing up in Las Vegas. Most of my childhood consisted of swimming and popsicles. But growing up in Las Vegas is very different than visiting there. To tell you a little about the city itself, it is full of mixed cultures including a large Hispanic population. It is a lavish tourist town designed around making your experience unforgettable. There's is the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." I recommend visiting in the fall-spring as the summer temperatures can become brutally hot over 100 degrees. Also I recommend staying at the Stratosphere Casino as the rates are usually under $30.00 which includes a free trip to the top of the Stratosphere itself. The activities that I would recommend for kids are Wet N Wild or Springs Preserve. Here some more reasons to visit Las Vegas.

 1. The Sun

 If you like soaking up some sun, Las Vegas is the place. With a warmer climate it's a great place to do anything like hiking at the outer red rocks, swimming, biking, and running. You can see more about the weather and averages here.

 2. Desert Landscape
By growing up in Las Vegas, I have acquired a unique love and admiration for the desert. There is really some beautiful places to see here. A sunset over the silhouette of the bare purple mountains against a vibrant sky of pinks, reds, and purples are a common occurrence. In the springtime desert wild flowers populate over the sands. In the mountains that circle the valley are rock formations picture worthy for any visitor.

 3. Shopping
Because of the Las Vegas tourist based economy you can find some of the best shopping and fashion. The city has this over 12 malls and outlets throughout the valley and in casinos featuring high end and unique fashion. When I visit home, I almost always go shopping.

4. Contemporary Art
 It is standard in Las Vegas to visit an attraction, casino, or park and find unique and amazing artwork. By design, Vegas d├ęcor is exciting, bright, unique, and colorful. For example, if you walk into the Bellagio Casino you would see an entire ceiling of their main lobby covered with these blown glass flowers. This city is powered by wow factor and attraction, so therefor so is the art.

 5. Open 24 hours
 This city literally never sleeps. As a teenager we would eat at a buffet and go shopping at insanely late hours. Especially on a vacation, you can have a fun time anytime here. In fact, I would say Vegas knows how to do nighttime better then anywhere else.

 6. Buffets and Cultural Food
 If you'd like to know the native food of Vegas I'd have to say it's the buffets. Now not every buffet is created equal, so I would recommend the buffets at Caesars Palace or The Rio. Maybe you'd like a different experience than the casinos? Because of the many cultures present, it's easy to get authentic cuisine. Oh man, there are some amazing tacos in Vegas.

Since I grew up in Vegas I decided it should be my first travel post. Hope you liked it! Now you know what's up and going on in Vegas. If you'd like more details of business recommendations or places to stay let me know. Next month I'll be sharing my trip to the Seattle area. Have a super duper day ladies!!!

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