Hey everyone! It's almost summer time. We cannot seem to stay indoors and I'm loving it. We've got our garden going nicely, hiked, played in water twice, and have went on plenty of walks. Being from Vegas (whoop whoop), I love the sunshine and warmth. Plus my son is now on summer break so it's party time over here.
Speaking of parties , my littlest man just had his third birthday this last month. I've decided that I am going to do simpler birthday parties. And this was my first one that had minimal games and easy décor. Can I say that I think those elaborate birthday parties looked fun and cool, but boy did they take so much time and energy. And since doing this last party I'm not sure I'll ever go back. The party was so easy to clean up after and during the party I was so much more relaxed. That's just my thoughts for now.
So we did the party to the theme of "What Does the Fox Say". I know, I know, super old right? But my son loves this song! And I totally went along with it since I figured it would be a great way to teach the kids animal sounds. So here's how to throw a super fun Fox Party that also teaches animal sounds.

Fox Party - Teaching Animal Sounds


I made a simple chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and baked it in two circle pans. I found the fox figurine with other animals at a local dollar store called Honks. Then I made a straw and scrapbooking paper mini banner.

Party Favors
For the kids who came they got to pick out some plastic animals which (as mentioned above) I found at a local dollar store called Honks. I also gave each child a foam mask which I purchased online here for $6.25 a dozen. Look out for days Oriental Trading has FREE shipping.

Who doesn't love a squeeze-it?! I guess I'm kind of a five year old on the inside. I wrapped each squeeze-it with an animal shapes you can print out here. I also filled some bowls with snacks. In each bowl I put a little sign saying, "What does the ___ say?" I inserted Cat, cow, duck, dog, and sheep but you can do any animal really.

I kept this party simple with a few balloons, table cloth, and this cute little fox plushy I got through instagram user @hipityhophipstershop. Also if you want the files for the animal here it is again in case you want to get creative with them. I also made some crate paper tassels for the balloons (see below).

Crate Paper Tassels Instructions

1. Fold the crate paper over itself about eight times. as pictured at the top left corner of the balloon pictures.

2. Next wrap some tissue paper around the top of the already wrapped crate paper and staple.
3. Place your scissors through the opposite end that is wrapped and cut through so the end no longer are connected.
4. Last cut two slits through the ends of the tassels almost to the top wrapping.
Let me know if you have any questions. I had so much fun putting this party together. And I was really excited to keep it simple. Thanks to all who came. We love you! Have a good rest of your week everyone.


  1. I love the simple aspect of this, yet it's still super cute! Reminds me of this article I read today on KSL about how keeping things simple can be a blast AND keep you from going crazy, haha.

    1. Yes! I am so a big fan of a simplifying life right now. Thanks for sharing and reading :)

  2. I'm all for simple parties too! Call me lazy, but I just don't have what it takes for all that elaborate stuff! I think that maybe I'd do a bigger party when it's more of an "iconic" age. ...maybe...!

    1. Im right there with you. I think I was so excited to plan birthdays that I let my creative side go all crazy for a birthday. I am totally shifting to simplify birthdays. And just because they're simpler doesn't mean they can't be adorable!