We all have one. Most of our readers are one. We all know several of them! So what is the big deal about mothers anyway. Being a mother, having a mother & knowing other mothers is just a part of life, right? WRONG!

 I'm sure most of you can guess that being a blogger can get you caught up in a sea of research for as many as 5 or more subjects at a time. Whether we are researching fashion, diet tends, relationship advice or whatever. It all seems to circle back to how mothers are doing it or how they feel about it. The most interesting thing I have yet to find is that any time period you type into a Google search bar will always, without skipping a beat will show you a photo of a mother or a story about a mother. Most of the time you will find both! So why do we sideways gauge societal tends on what mother's were doing way back when? I think it's because your mother is your timeline. That may seen like a little bit of a stretch, so let me explain.

1. When our life begins, we are obviously with her.
2. You can ask your mother at anytime when something happened in your life (ie-first tooth, first haircut, first grade teacher...) Most moms have these cataloged in their brain & at the ready, just waiting to share. In other words, mother's are walking bars!
3. When you are a mother, you automatically start your own timeline catalogue. I know I remember things by who was pregnant with what child & if it was before or after they were born, etc. I haven't lost my mother, but I know my mom can look back at things very clearly if they were before or after her mother passed away.
4. My dad can't do much of anything without my mom. Therefore, I don't know how far he might have gotten in his career without her help. (He's stubborn, but she's determined!)
5. Anything our mother teaches us or does in front of us, shapes who we are or will become. I may or may not need to take more responsibility for the later!!
6. Last, but not least, most moms have a camera glued to their hand. She's the person responsible for a lot of my preserved memories.

Let's face it, moms make the world go around. As much as society may try to downplay the importance of maternal involvement, it will never succeed! They not only make the world go around, they make it a beautiful & wondrous place that all of us want to be in!

I wrote this post know that there would be some of you out there who may not have had a traditional mother figure in your lives. But, I know I can look at that list & name several women who are not my mother that played the same kind of role for me. My hope is that you can see it that same way. I bet there are even a few of mums at heart that can see yourself in there as well. Even if you may not be a card carrying member of the mommy club just yet, you are just as important & precious to someone out there. Promise!!

Love all of you mumsies! Wherever you may be or whoever you are with. Whether your a mom of many or a mom at heart. Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow! My wish for you is that the people in your life will let you know how much you mean to them!

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