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I just got home from a trip to Washington Monday night. And then I shared my love for traveling to Las Vegas with you on Tuesday. Can I just say traveling is A-LOT of work?! Laundry, gathering everything up, trying not to forget anything, packing more stuff, it is all exhausting. And if you have kids it takes that much longer to pack. Since traveling is fresh on my mind I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and travel hacks I know. Some are my own personal tips and others I have learned. All I have found are so useful!

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Travel tips
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Six different packing lists to it your needs
1. Use gift bags - If you're bringing a gift for someone I have found its easiest to pack a gift bag and tissue paper, and then assemble the gift at my destination. If you wrap a gift it's most likely going to opened by airport security or damaged on your travels.

2. Books for entertainment - I have found the best entertainment for adults or children when traveling is books. Keeps kids quiet and adults occupied while hardly taking up any space.

3. Luggage weight - If you are flying I highly suggesting buying a luggage weight. Airlines are very strict about their weight policies now-a-days. Know their policies ahead of time. This seriously saved us when we went to Hawaii.

4. Baby powder for multiple uses - Pack a small (I know the one pictured is huge, let's pretend it's travel sized) travel sized baby powder. It's great for babies but also has other uses. If you have oily hair from traveling, the humidity, or whatever take a pinch and rub it through your hair. It can also be backup deodorant.

5. Fabric softener - Keep a bounce sheet in your suitcase for static and it will also leave your clothes smelling amazing. Plus it takes up zero space.

6. First Aid Kit - Always carry a small first aid kit. This doesn't have to be store bought either, you can make up your own and throw it in a zip lock.

7. Clippers for miscellaneous cutting - Pack clippers, but remember to check them if flying. Otherwise they will be taken at the gate. Clippers are great for their intended purpose but also works for opening difficult packages while traveling. I just used a pair on my last trip to snip some loose thread from my dress. Lifesaver.

8. Straws to stop necklaces from tangling - If you have long necklaces that tangle easily, simply slip one or two straws on the chain. No more tangles. Hooray!

9. Flat Iron for wrinkles - If you have got some wrinkles in your clothing from traveling but don't have access to an iron ,you can use your flat iron. Make sure there is no residue on the iron itself from hair products. Heat up according to the fabric. Here's a reference for fabrics and temperatures. I have used this several times and it's a life saver. Seriously!

10. Plastic store bags - Always carry at least one plastic bag. You never know when you'll have dirty, wet, stinky clothing. I've used bags as a cushion for fragile objects in my luggage. I have used them to wrap up trinkets I didn't want loose. The best part is they don't take up any room and they're FREE!

11. Ziplocs for toiletries - Travel bags and roll up holders are great, but I would definitely suggest placing any liquids or creams in zip lock bags. If something explodes you can just toss the bag and get a new one.

12. Empty chap stick containers for valuables - This is genius! Use an empty chap stick container to hold money, small jewelry, or other small valuables. No one would suspect valuables to be stored there. Also you can easily keep those items in your pocket if you wanted to.

13. Eat and drink water often - This tip is for adults and children. Most people have a better time, whatever they're doing, if they're fueled. Same goes for children. Most children act better if they've eaten, right? Nobody wants to be at Disneyland with a cranky two year old. I suggest keeping granola bars, fruit leathers, or beef jerky on hand when traveling. Basically anything that doesn't need to be refrigerated or won't make a mess will do. And drink lots of water! This is especially important while traveling. Here's an article about it.

14. Socks in shoes - Store socks in shoes to save space and help keep the shoes form.

15. Toilet paper - This probably sounds silly but you never know when you'll need it. You could use to clean a spill, blow a nose, wipe a baby, or show some love for a neighbors yard, just kidding. But it doesn't hurt to keep a roll in the car or in your suitcase.


Looking for more tips? Here are some other helpful sites with tips. On these sites are lots of tips for flying and traveling internationally too. It's kind of a travel roundup-  


Lastly, to make your trip smooth I suggest having a packing list. I was going to make one for you but I found all of these awesome ones online instead. There's even a couple that include baby stuff too. Let's go shopping for a packing list!

Summer is knocking on our door and I have two more trips planned before the summers over. So, I will definitely be using these tips.
 What are some tips you love? Do you have a trick for traveling?
 Have a super-duper day!

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