A much-needed massage

The end of the school year can be a little crazy for us mom's, can't it? Sometimes summer break can be even crazier for me! There are times between the months of May & September that I just need a tiny getaway to recharge. My son was recently sitting in timeout & said "timeouts are the worst thing ever". I replied "I wish someone would give me a timeout"! I truly meant that! How many of you wish someone would remind you to sit back & calm down for a while? There are so many times I've worked up a sweat in the kitchen & realized "I haven't eaten today" or "when is the last time I sat down?" I'm positive most of you feel the same! 

As you know,  I have already found my oasis at Amara Day Spa in Orem. Going in for a massage can do wonders for your nervous system. Not only that, the mental rest I was given during my appointment was so valuable to me! 

Before we go into the many reasons why a massage is one of the best things you can do to unwind, I thought I should introduce the beautiful massage therapist that gave me all of this great advice! 

Everyone meet Melinda Curtis! "Malinda is an Orem girl (go Tigers!) and has been doing massage for five years.  She loves massage because it is the ultimate customer service. Malinda loves people, and the icing on the cake with massage is that the human body is fascinating!  She and her husband have been renovating their house for the past five years.  Her hobbies are playing the piano, running, and spending as much time with her dogs as she can. Amara is her dream job and she is so happy to work here!"

While Melinda was working her magic, she shared the benefits of massage. We all know that a massage feels great, but why? 

1.Your blood circulation is increased. Which means better harmony for all organs by providing much needed oxygen & nutrients to all. 

2. It enhances immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow (from pressure on your lymph nodes). This is your body's natural defense system.

3. Relax & soften over worked muscles. 

4. A release of endorphins-These stay trapped in your muscles if not released. They act as your body's pain killer! 

5. You also increase you joint flexibility. What mom wouldn't want that?

There are so many other reason why a massage is the perfect timeout for you! I was so happy with Melinda for being amazing at her job. But, the fact that she took the time to educate me was incredible! Now it's your turn to have a chance to win a FREE massage from Melinda & Amara Day Spa!! Head over to our Instagram page to enter. All you need to do is...

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It's super easy Mumsies!! This giveaway is redeemable at Amara in Orem Utah only. We want you to have the experience you can only get with the Amara signature massage! Good luck & take a timeout for yourself!

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