You Make a Difference

I wanted to write a tribute to the women who have contributed to who I am today. There are so many women who have been apart of my life that have shaped my thoughts, views, and abilities and I am so grateful for all of them. Your examples have been inspiring and moving. Your lives and example give me hope, inspiration, and perspective. I hope we never doubt the impact we can have on another.

Naturally, my mother has been my largest influence. I have seen her struggle, rise and be strong. The hardships my mother has survived has shown me that it is possible to make it through the times in our lives that shake us inside and out. There have been hard hours in my life and her example has given me so much courage to face them, stand up, and make it through. And I am grateful for that hopeful strength she has instilled in me. 

My mom is pretty awesome, so this doesn't happen often, but I have seen her struggle and fall. Life is full of success but also shortcomings. And the perseverance and optimism I have learned from my mother is irreplaceable. If you first do not succeed try, try, again. A solution will be found. You can make it through. There is a solution, though it may not be the preferred one. This lesson has probably had the greatest impact on my life. I use it daily. It's one the driving forces in my life and it keeps me going. 

My mom has also taught me that life's possibilities are endless. While growing up my mother worked full time, finished college, served in religious leadership roles, was PTA president, and managed our home. She has graduated with a masters and beyond. She attended every recital, performance, and sports event we were in. All of this while raising us four kids. Honestly, I'm not sure how she did it. She taught us by example and also encouraged us to develop our hobbies and talents. But this has taught me that I can achieve anything. Her words of reassurance and example is powerful.

Have a very happy Mother's Day! I was so happy to share this with you all because I feel like motherhood is about making a difference in a child's life. So even if you are not able to have a child it does not mean you cannot be a mother at heart. My children are really fortunate to have lots of people around them who do just this. 

I am so grateful to all the moms who have shaped me. And to my mom, I hope to be half as amazing as you are. You really are the best! This post doesn't cover everything you have taught me. And you are still teaching me. All you moms out there, Know you are making a difference. Never discredit how much of an influence you are to their around you. Much love to you all! And I hope you're honored, pampered and loved to the fullest!

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