Robe and slippers from Target / Lace Egg Print from Collectivity Lane

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Well we head out tonight to the Seattle area. It's not a fun ride lasting over 15 hours with kids. I'm probably busy packing right now as you read this. I was grateful for this post though because it forced me to get my mothers day gifts done early. Hooray! Are you ready for mother's day? Well here's some of my favorite gift ideas to help get your creative wheels turning.
For mothers day gifts I like to choose ones that are sentimental, frugal, practical, and straight up cool. And most importantly, I want to make the mothers in my life feel special. I tried to pick some modern gifts that could include the kids and also be enjoyable. Some of my family lives far away so I also picked some Mother's Day gifts that could ship easily. In this post I'll list some homemade gifts, store bought gifts, and a party idea for Mother's Day. There's tons of ideas on Pinterest also, so if you didn't find "the one", check it out some more here.
Mom, if you're reading, you should stop so you don't see what we made you. No, seriously, stop reading.
Homemade Watercolor Cards - The kids and I water colored. I would recommend quality paper perhaps meant for watercolor. This will help the paint not seep through the paper and prevent it from warping too bad. Once dry I printed these quotes onto the paper. Here's the Abe Lincoln Quote.
Printables In Frame - I found this awesome FREE printable perfect for mothers day from Mandipidy. You could print this off and put it in a beautiful frame. 
Yogurt Cupcakes - These are from Baking with Blondie and look delish. I'm pretty sure any mom would be happy to have some of these! Stick these in a cute box or tin.
Artistic Sun Catchers - This craft is fun and the kids can help too.

You will need:
wax paper
gold paint
paint brush
clear string

1. Cut up or shave crayons. I did lots of different colors. Also have you ever wondered what to do with an old egg carton? Use it to separate paints or in this case crayon shavings.
2. Have your kids make some designs using the crayon shavings. The designs will bleed all over the place so I would encourage them to keep it simple. Also I would say to keep the design about 3 inches away from the edge as the wax from the crayons will run.
3. Once your design is done fold or cover the design with another piece of wax paper. I would recommend placing your wax paper on a towel in case any crayon melts out the sides.  
4. Place a hot iron on top of the covered side melting the crayon wax and creating the art. Let it cool.
5. Once cool cut out the shape you'd like. You could do triangles, diamonds, hexagons, circles, tear drops, or whatever.
6. Get out that good ole gold paint and paintbrush. I wanted a finished edge so I added a gold border to both sides of the sun catcher.

7. Once the gold paint is dry, poke a small hole on the top. Thread some clear string through and tie a knot. Hang them up and enjoy.

Maybe you're not the crafty type. These are also some good Mother's day gift ideas from the husband. ::hint hint:: So here's each of our picks for under $25.
Lachelle - Robe and slippers
Michelle - Wall Print
Natashia - Chocolate
(You can never go wrong with chocolate, unless of course your mother is allergic or doesn't like choclate, then this could be very wrong)
 In case you're wanting to celebrate with the awesome moms in your life I wanted to share this fantastic Mom's Brunch idea from The Alison Show. Besides what better way to show someone you love them, then to throw them a party! Pineapples are so hot right now!
Bam! Mother's Day is officially covered. No need to fret or fuss. Making your moms happy is now easy! Once again, there's tons of ideas on Pinterest also so if you're still not sure please check it out some more here. Have a supercalifrgilistic kinda day. Peace, love, and chicken grease.


  1. Love the watercolor cards! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Thanks Carrie for your comment! You are so welcome.

  3. I love the watercolor cards. My kids would love to do a project like this! Thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange!

  4. Laura thanks for visiting us! I will definitely link up again. It was easy and the grandmas loved them!