Boy/Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

If your life is like mine right now, you are being bombarded with invitation after invitation for children's birthday parties! However much we love attending these parties, getting the right gift is always a challenge. Am I right? I feel like my son & I have become quite the gift-giving team over the years. The last thing we ever want to do is show up to a party with a gift that the birthday kid won't like. Even worse, we would never want to give the same gift as another party-goer!!

So, we put together our favorite gifts of the season to help you out! I'll just say before we begin that we have given all of the gifts we are sharing in this post & they have all been a hit! 
Spending more than $20.00 on friend is plenty in our experience. Breaking the bank is not necessary in order for your bud to feel special. Each gift we chose was also in a variety of age ranges to make sure we covered all of our bases & nobody feels left out!
We tried to include something brainy (Is that even a real word? Oh well!) like the spin art & the trouble game. We also put in something sporty like the t-ball set & mini skateboard. Then, we wanted something the birthday bear could put together with a friend like the seaport railway & Mega Bloks.
Hopefully this helps you with your next quest to find an awesome toy for a friend's party. Better yet, I hope you have fun doing it! I know we sure did!
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