Being a Mom IS Enough

When we decided to start our family, my husband and I talked deeply about the decision. We both agreed and made the choice together. And I have never regretted this decision. My children are my joy and will always be my greatest masterpiece. With that being said, I have had to learn for myself that being a mom is enough.

My husband and I were grateful that we could have children easily. We know this is something not to be taken for granted. My mother had worked most of my childhood so I assumed I would have to do the same. So when I had the chance to do the stay-at-home mommy gig it was exciting. My dream had come true. And then came our second boy. I had to put school on hold. At this time I started to feel like motherhood had perhaps come too fast. 

I have always had many goals, including a college degree and progressing my career. With these goals on hold, I occasionally would have a longing for more than motherhood. I craved learning. I yearned for more education. I wanted to develop my personal talents. But I knew going back to college was still far in my future. I also felt a little selfish and guilt for wanting more, so I pushed those feelings aside. Why did I want more anyway? I had the best job ever. My days were filled with simplicity, mac n' cheese, and play dates to the park. It wasn't that I didn't like being a mom. I loved being home with my children. But these desires for learning and personal development still lingered. 

I saw other women accomplishing amazing things outside the home. Friends graduated; some even traveled. And since you're hearing the honest truth, I made the mistake of doubting my importance in motherhood. I sometimes thought of my future accomplishments and dreamed of the day I could fulfill them. For some reason I let the thoughts that my motherhood wasn't enough creep in. These other women went to school, had businesses, and I thought this made them amazing. My esteem was lacking. 

 I toyed with these feelings for a couple years. I occasionally talked to those close to me about my feelings. I meditated and prayed. And thankfully, I came to a realization that my feelings weren't selfish. In fact I think most moms need a reminder to take care of themselves every once in a while. And I don't think anyone would argue that motherhood is a selfless act. Finally, I started feeling content with my mommy hood. I realized how much joy and worth my children really brought me. My day for other adventures would come. 

While leading and performing the final pose of yoga, savasana, I often prompt my classes to think of the things in their lives that brings them peace and true happiness. This happiness could come from a memory of a place, hobby, or person. Almost every time I do savasana, I think of my children unintentionally. I think of rolling on the floor with my children in the streams of afternoon sunbeams. It almost always brings peace and happiness to my heart. I also like to think of my children sleeping at night. I open the door, walk by each of their beds, and pull up the covers over their shoulders. I kiss them gently on their puffy kid cheeks. And I stare for a minute and watch them breath knowing they are safe and they are mine. This is my world and happiness. 

My desire for more in my life eventually morphed into an understanding that life is most often not as you planned and I gained the patience for the next chapter in my life. I grew to cherish each day with my children knowing these years would slip so quickly by me. And funny enough, just as I became content with my stay-at-home state this crazy adventure of a blog became apart of my life. It could be said that us Mumsys were a little naive to the realization that blogging is a business. And if you have ever started a business or blogged, you know it's ALOT of work. At one point a few months ago I felt like I had lost a healthy balance in my life. Those moments of happiness with my children happened less. So, now I have had to readjust my life and learn balance. 

It's actually quite ironic to me that since starting the blog I now crave moments of peace and giggling with my children. Now that I have more ambition in my life I sometimes just want to go back and smack myself. Just kidding haha. But I have decided that this blog or anything else will never become more important to me than raising my amazing children. I'm not saying I'm quitting the blog or anything. But I feel very strongly that motherhood is finally enough for me. In fact its more than enough.   

Too often motherhood is not recognized for the achievement it is. You give all for this little human. And I'm speaking to all, both moms at heart and of many. Raising an innocent carefree little munchkin is the greatest service.  So with May here I hope you can reflect on motherhood in your life. Whether it be the mothers who have shaped you or your role as a mother. I really hope you feel like you are enough, because you are. Remember, "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World". We are shaping the future. I hope you can continue to check out Mumsy this month as we will be spotlighting some really inspiring mums in honor of Mother's Day. Smile, laugh today, and know you are enough!

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