The Importance of Girls Nights

For me, motherhood is a beautiful roller coaster.  Full of ups, downs, and exciting sharp turns that frequently take me by surprise.  It can be absolutely thrilling and heart wrenching at the same time; and I absolutely love it.  But on occasion, there are times when my perspective begins to blur, nausea seeps in, and I find myself completely forgetting why I even got on in the first place.  So, it is in those moments that I step off, take a few deep breaths, and get refocused on exactly why I loved the ride.

Though i could do this alone, there are many times when I choose to do it with my friends instead; a beautiful group of women who view life the same way as I and also recognize how crucial it is to have a support system made up of close-knit confidants and allies.  Collectively, we are extremely different from one another, but are an unstoppable force of laughter, love, and reality when we are together.  So, we have made it a point to get together every couple of months for a much needed Girls' Night In.

Yep, I said Girls' Night In.

Don't get me wrong, my girls and I LOVE to party and get out; but we have found that our conversations flow most freely and our bonding with one other significantly increases when we are lounging around in the comfort of one our own homes.  However, since each and every one of us are party animals by second nature, there are many times when we have decided to give our Girls' Nights In a theme and have done everything from fondue to PJ's/sweats.  But whether there is a theme or not, each Girls' Night in is filled with endless heartfelt conversations and insights that leave us feeling more optimistic about our mothering roles.

Sure, I have my dear sweet husband, Dave, to confide in, but every now and again there are those moments when I truly do feel like we are from two different planets.   Despite his greatest efforts, I know there are many times when Dave is left scratching his head because he just simply can't relate.  And that is exactly why I strongly believe in spending quality time with my friends.  Although we all come from different walks of life, we are each made up of the same fundamental feelings and emotions, and in turn, can completely understand and even relate most times to the things we are each experiencing.

Motherhood is absolutely beautiful.  But, it is also very draining.  Whenever I make the time to attend a Girls' Night In I always return home with a fresher perspective on life,  a stronger connection with my inner rock star, and a greater appreciation for my role as a mother.

Girls' Nights In are the ignition for my soul.  It makes all the complications of motherhood O.K. and reminds me that what and who I am, is enough.  And for me, it is those things that always cause me to earnestly get back on the roller coaster.

Loves and Hugs,


  1. So true about needing another woman to confide in!! We do leave our husbands scratching their heads at times.

    1. Our poor husbands! Thank goodness for the strong bonds of sisterhood!