A Spirited Child's Summer Schedule

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So all of you have heard about my spirited boy by now. If you were at our event last weekend you might have even seen him running around & screaming with balloons in his hand! He's crazy & he's my boy! He's got a whole lot of unceasing energy that I still have a rough time keeping up with. But, I love him. I'll never stop trying! If you are a mom of a spirited kid like mine, you have a special kind of anxiety when you think about the summer months, don't ya?? It's not easy for kids like ours to transition from one routine to another. It makes it extra hard when you, not the teacher, are the one enforcing the rules. 

Last year, he finished preschool & it wasn't hard to transition, but was still an  adjustment for us. This was because he had an awesome teacher that took a special interest in his needs. He had a very distinct schedule in her class & knew exactly what was kosher & what was unacceptable. Like the other kids in the class, Miss April gave them each a book filled with activities & worksheets similar to the ones they did in school. As any mom knows, you can't just plop a book in your kid's lap & expect them to finish what's inside. This was definitely something we needed to do together. It made his transition so simple. We learned what he did in the classroom, only this time it as with mommy at home. (Seriously girls, shout-out to Miss April! Super huge brain inside that one!)

This year, in  kindergarten, was a different ballgame. The teacher we got had completely different interests. This year was anything but easy, to say the least! As May rolled in, I knew that this summer's schedule was all up to me. I had worksheets & calendars he brought home from class, but it left a lot to my imagination since the teacher want a fan of parent classroom volunteers. So, I came up with my own game plan. 

First, like Miss April, I knew I had to incorporate things that he did in the classroom. After I gathered all of the papers I could from the school year. Then, I researched what worksheets were available online. ( These things are everywhere you guys! If you print any out, just make sure you don't steal anything that you need to pay for first. Only the "free printables" please!) With sheets I found that were similar, but for the next grade up, I made him his own custom K-1st grade binder! 

Second, I made sure he had an activity schedule he was in charge of. (Well, not too in charge!) These little guys need control somewhere, & if they can control the stuff they like to do, they feel somewhat empowered. That's important. This was a simple list he could hang up in his room & cross off. Even if it wasn't anything huge, he was still in control of something! I would have loved to provide a free printable here, but honestly it's so simple, I won't insult your intelligence! I just printed it out at home & slipped it into a sheet protector. Then I gave him a dry-erase marker to make his own list. I can't stress enough how big it is to let them have some of the control. These kids have so much noise in their heads that it's therapeutic for them to have normalcy that they are in charge of. I don't expect to put much on there, just enough for him to tell me what he wants to do & to make sure we do it! (Yes, vacuuming & organizing is still there. These are two of his favorite things. He even asked for a vacuum last Christmas!! Silly boy!)

We still have a chore chart & a regular family schedule. That might seem like a lot, but remember, these little ones are natural multitaskers. They will do better with two things at once than one thing at once! ( I think that made sense??) Another important part of this is to make sure you hold them accountable to their little self-made schedule. This will not annoy them. It will validate the work they've done! 

Please oh please ask if you have any questions about this! I think most of you would be surprised at how giddy we are to have feed back from all of you! We just love you to prices Mumsies!! Happy Friday! See you next week!

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