Hello Lovlies!! It's spring right now & you might be wanting to change some of the colors in your pallet.  I have had a lot of you ask me what colors my lovely makeup artist Megan used on me for my spa day at Amara, so I thought I would share them! I just love sharing beauty tips with all of you. This is one of the easiest things you can do to add a little extra confidence to an already beautiful you! I can't take any of the credit though! It was all Megan!

Amara Day Spa in Orem Utah uses Smashbox Cosmetics only! To me, that's a no-brainer! They want thier clients walking away feeling confident. It's also wonderful to not need a retouch after a few hours! 

The foundation she used was Camera Ready CC cream. It gave my face an absolutely flawless finish. I was so impressed! 

It's always a good idea to apply a powder to your face after foundation. This will "set" the color right where it is so it stays put! This baby is called Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder. Smashbox has a whole line of wonderful makeup called Halo. They all hydrate, glow & leave you with a dewy finish that won't feel dry at all!

For contorting & blush she used t the lovely Baked Fusion Soft Lights pallet for contorting & Halo Longwear Blush
The Full Exposure Pallet I had on my eyes was my favorite! I could get lost in this thing for days! I'm a firm believer that everyone should keep to their colors that work for them, but this little baby is so full of neutral tones, I think anyone would be safe to try any combination it has to offer! 

For eye liner & mascara I had Always sharp 3D Liner. With these two at work, I would never need false lashes! 

Brows are a big deal right now in the beauty world. This next product really impressed me! The Brow Tech To Go pencil was great. I really didn't feel like there was too much in there.  The clear gel brush on the end separated each tiny hair perfectly. My eyebrows have never looked better! 

Last, but not least, my lips were adorned with the long lasting Nude Lip Pencil, Be Legendary Electric Pink Matte lipstick & Azalea Be Legendary Lip Gloss. This stuff only comes off when you want it to! I even woke up with some on my pillow in the morning. So great for a long day! 

There you go ladies! But we aren't done yet! Amara Day Spa just couldn't get any sweeter. They like you Mumsies a lot & wanted to give a Beauty Blender sponge to one of you! This is the key to any makeup application looking flawless! All you need to do is like @themumsyblog & @amaradayspa on Instagram & #mumsygiveaways. You can always get an extra entry by tagging a friend! The contest ends Saturday, May 3rd!

I can't wait to see which one of you wins!

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