DIY Teacher Gifts

Do you ever feel like time is going waaayyy toooo fast! Oh man, that is exactly my feelings right now. My son just had his last day of kindergarten and I feel like the school year just started. That is how life goes, right? I'd like to thank all the teachers out there who are wrapping up the end of the year with mixed emotions. My mother is an elementary teacher and said she's happy for a break but sad her class will be leaving her care. So here's a big high five to all the teachers out there! 

Thanks for spending hours after school lesson planning to make sure class is prepared. Thanks for reading with my child. Thanks for sending home notes telling me my child is doing good. Thank you for going to college and for attending constant training so my child has the best education possible. Thank you for caring for my child during school hours. I always felt my child was safe; this is priceless. Thank you for genuinely caring about my child. Thank you for being positive and recognizing the good in my son. Thank you.  If you have a kiddo in school and are looking for a fun way to share your thanks here's what I made for my son's teacher. It's a beautiful plant with some candy bars wrapped up with a dash of awesome. Instructions below. 

End of Year Teacher Gift

What you'll need:

  • plant
  • 2 pieces of tissue paper
  • scrapbook paper (optional)
  • printable gift tags (FREE)
  • tape
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • candybars (100 grand, KitKat, Sweettarts, Snickers)
  • skewer
What to do:
  1. Print off FREE printable above for the tags. Cut out tags.
  2. Glue tags to the optional scrapbook paper
  3. When dry cut out tags on scrapbook paper leaving a 1/2 in. margin. 
  4. Place tissue paper flat on table. Place the second piece on top turned so the points are over the straight parts of the first. For example it should make a the shape to the right. ->
  5. Place plant in the center of tissue paper. Pull the tissue paper up around the plant and tie a ribbon around the plant securing in candy bars around the plant. Make sure the ribbon is tight. You may need a second set of hands for this.
  6. Glue the skewer between the "to" tag and the scrapbook paper with the "thanks for helping me grow" tag
  7. After writing on the "to" tag, stick the skewer in the plant.
  8. Roll some tape and stick them on the backs of the remaining tags. Attach tags to their coordinating candy bars
DONE! Let me know if you have any questions. Peace, love, and chicken grease. 


  1. Hey Natasha it was nice talking to you today. I love this idea - I'm printing it out right now. Thanks!

    1. Good talking to you too! You made my lunch a fun one. Also I don't think I ever put which candy bar goes to each saying. I mean, I know you guys could probably figure it out, but for anyone else wondering-

      Sweet = sweettarts
      100 grand = 100 grand
      Snickers = snickers
      Break = kit kat (as in "give me a break")