Teaching Our Children to Appreciate Mother Nature


  My little one is full of questions right now. Most of his questions revolve around the chores he has to do. His query today was "Why do we have to put things in the recycling bucket? How come they can't go in the trash?" I said "That would be easy, but it's no problem for us to do that so they can make new things out of the stuff we don't use anymore." Then he asked a million more questions about where it goes & how the "worker mans" make new things out of old things. I just told him that we could find a video someday that would show him. I just left it there. But the slightly crunchy side of me wasn't satisfied with stopping at that. So, we went for a drive! 

  We are so lucky to have a whole lot of nature within a mile of our home. I took him to a park that has a forest trail & a river running right through the middle. I asked him to look at all of the pretty things around us. I said "Do you know that all of this is a gift? We get to keep these trees & this water & these animals for now, but that means we need to make sure they're safe so that everyone can keep enjoying them for lots & lots of years to come." I also told him that we can breathe fresh air & have healthy food to eat as long as we take care of them. Humans are in charge of looking after the Earth. If we don't, nobody else will. I said "can you imagine all of this covered in garbage? Some day it could be if we don't find ways to reuse the things we are done with." I felt a lot better after that conversation than I did the previous one!

  Call me a hippie, call me crazy, call me whatever you like! I believe in infrastructure & innovation. There are certain things we need as human beings as we grow as a race. But the most important thing to remember is the responsibility we all have to watch over our natural resources. It shouldn't be hard to make sure our life force is going to be in tact for our posterity. Shouldn't we just find a way to incorporate it into our lives instead of looking at it as an interruption? I think it's great if we start healthy habits with our children so that they can incorporate in their daily routine, but if we don't explain why it's important, they might not absorb it. Worse, they might not share the information with anyone else. The best way for them to really take this to heart is to watch the adults around them be reasonably responsible & be stewards over our home! 

  Just some thoughts from a brain that never shuts off! I love the place where we live & want the things we enjoy to be around forever! I'm not an extremist. It's totally fine if you are! I just know that it's a responsibility we all have whether we like it or not! So take care of it girl! Love you all!!

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