Hey Mums!  Today we have one of our sponsors, Through a Child's Ears, guest posting; and I am super excited!  Created and run by Julia Miller and Kayleen Barlow, Through a Child's Ears is a website devoted to helping caregivers eliminate the negative words they may sometimes say to the children they look after.  Being a mom to three crazy kids, there have been many times when I wished that I would have said and done things differently during the frustrating moments that come with parenting.  Though I can't change the past, I can alter the future; so, I pledge to think before I react, use words that teach, encourage, and love, soften my tone, and remember that my children are who I help them become.

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Way back, before a million waking-up-at-least-once nights ago, I had a lot of thoughts, opinions, and ideas on being a great mom.

I kid you not, my two degrees both in family/child related fields, my countless jobs and internships with kids (most with special needs), kind of convinced me that I was going to be God's gift to my kids. Just call me Eve. 

Now, 3 1/2 years and two little boys later I realize with perfect clarity that I am THAT mom. 

You know, THAT mom.

The mom who is juggling her toddler while he screams for the candy in the checkout line and she gives it to him just to get him to be quite. Life lessons on getting what you want be darned. 

THAT mom, who's almost 4 year old will still only drink milk from a bottle. Don't judge. 

THAT mom, who is very very very grateful for Netflix and good apps on her phone. And THAT mom who uses them as a babysitter when she doesn't want to play the 104th round of hide and seek.

THAT mom who considers a trip to Target plenty of cultural and educational experience for her kids. And who's kids eat fruit snacks (with plenty of Red dye number 40) in them while they're there.

But here's the thing. 

I'm know I do 100 things "wrong" everyday with my sweet boys, but I also know that I can do 100 small things right

Which leads me to introducing a campaign I've started, promoting speaking kindly to children called Through a Child's Ears. It's awesome. :)

Like I said, I know I'm going to do 100 plus things wrongs as a mom. I mean you leave IKEA with more instructions to build a stool than you get when you leave a hospital with a tiny HUMAN! The learning curve is huge I'm going to make mistakes.

But I realized that there is one thing that I can try so hard to do RIGHT. I can try to speak kindly to my boys. To use words that teach, encourage and love rather than words that demean or hurt. 

We started Through a Child's Ears to remind caregivers that what we say and how we say it matters to our children. Being a caregiver is hard. It is a stretch to the limit, and it’s often unacknowledged work. It is easy in the moment of frustration to say something we don't mean or use a tone of anger rather than instruction. Of course we will all mess up, but we believe that consistent effort and careful attention to our words will make a difference in our children’s lives.

Our goal is never to make any caregiver feel like they are doing a bad job. You are doing so great! It is to remind us all to step back, take a breath and remember to use words that teach, encourage, and give love to the children in our lives.

Our goal is simple. We want to spread our message, have everyone take the pledge and print out a copy to put somewhere in their home...because who doesn't need a little reminder every now and then? :)

If you agree and want to share this we will love you forever! No really, we will! We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and have a great website. All links are below. Please follow us along on Facebook for updates and awesome uplifting inspiration. We've got some big things coming up and we'd love to share them with you!

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