I don't do a whole lot of crafting. A lot of the time I finish & I think it just looks silly. I don't even want to put anywhere in my house! So, if I make something, it needs to meet some pretty high standards. I also need the time it takes to put it together. Usually, I don't have a whole lot of that to spare! I felt like I needed something for spring in my house that's now empty from the lack of winter holiday decorations. Sometimes it seems as if we're moving after they all come down! 

I had the idea to make these two lovelies. I'm a big fan of how they turned out. Naturally, I thought I should share it with all of you! So, let's get crafting! 

Here is what you will need:

6 pieces of pretty scrap book paper
1 glue stick
Your glue gun
2 picture frames

Start by tracing your bunny & butterfly out on your desired piece of scrapbook paper. (If you need help with this, search for & print out a vector image of the shape you need. ie: "bunny vector" or "butterfly vector") 

Now, cut out your leaves in various sizes. There is no rhyme or reason to their shape. 

Next, cut out 35-40 circles. Again, they can be any size you want. The more variety the better! I scalloped the edges on mine. I cut most of mine in a zigzag pattern. You can do this with pinking sheers too. 

Then, take 3 various sizes of your circles. Save 13 of the largest circles for the next step. Stack them & glue them largest to smallest. 

Once you are through, take the 13 circles you set aside. Cut a swirl into each one. Stop in the middle when the circle is about the size of a dime. Starting at the small end, roll the paper until you reach the center. Glue the small circle at the bottom.  Press down on your flower at the center while the rest "blooms". Hold the whole top of the flower down for 10 seconds while the glue at the bottom dries. 

It's time to start gluing! Begin by applying the leaves first. Make sure you leave plenty of space between them for your flowers. Then, glue your flat flowers in the spaces between the outside spaces of your leaves. Next, take your 3D flowers & add them in where you please. 

Afterward, you are welcome to mount them into larger pieces & frame them like I did. Just have a blast while you do it! 

Here's to you having a fabulous start to a new week Mumsies! See you soon! 

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