Spring Clean Your Closet

Can I say how happy I am that it's spring? I really feel like the seasons are great examples of our lives. I have recognized fruitful times of warmth and productivity like summer. Times of closure and endings in my life have come. They are beautiful in their own way such as the fall. Winter periods come in my life with its cold, unproductive, and dormant nature. And so when the spring times of life have come they are most triumphant for me. These are when I have overcome negativity or a new fresh chapter of my life has begun. This is why I love the spring. I love the idea of refreshing my life.

This week we have already had two rad spring cleaning posts.

Today we are going to talk about spring cleaning our closets. I recently went through my closet and got rid of clothes and accessories. I naturally like to hoard clothes so I feel pretty proud of myself when I get rid of them. If you haven’t taken a good look at your closet in a while, here’s a couple questions to get you started.

1.      Have you used that item in the last six months? Here’s a good tip to keep track of this.

Hanger Trick
After you've done a major purge of your closet, remove all the remaining clothes that live on hangers, and put them back in backwards, such that the open end of each hanger now faces you. Got it?
Then, mark your calendar for six months (or whatever) from today, and go back to your business as usual. Except that after every time you wear a shirt or a jacket or a skirt or what have you, when you replace the item, make sure the hanger faces the opposite/usual way (with the opening in the back).
When your n months have passed, and your calendar reminds you that it's time, open your closet and remove every piece of clothing on a backward hanger; the chances are good you can give it away without the slightest pain, because you just clearly demonstrated that you don't wear it.”

2. Is that item sentimental? Where did you wear the item? If it’s an old bridesmaids dress you haven’t worn since your friend’s wedding. Probably time for it to give it up.

3. Is that item worn/damaged? Can you fix it and will you have time to fix it? If you’re having a hard time getting rid of it, put it in a small box for a month with other mending. If it isn’t fixed in a month it’s time for it to go.

4. Does this piece fit your style? The clothes I wear often reflect my personality and mood. Do you feel like you in that item of clothing?  Things do come back into style, but I’ve decided if it’s not in right now, I need to let it go. The clutter and headache isn’t worth the money it will take to rebuy a similar item 15 years from now.

5. Does this piece still fit your body? We’re women with constantly changing bodies. And if you have stayed the exact same since high school, then you are pretty lucky in my book. I have shirt/bra/and pant sizes ranging all over the place from having my kiddos. I’ve held onto jeans hopping to someday fit into them again. And I think this can be ok as long as we are being realistic.

6. Are you really in love with this piece? When I recently did the purge, I decided I would only keep clothing that I would love to wear or would be good to clean my house in. Anything I didn’t love or feel like I could scrub floors in needed to go.

So what to do with the clothes you’re getting rid of? Donate it to thrift stores, family, or friends. Hold a yard sale. Or simply toss the clothing. My last tip is a rule I have for myself. The rule is I cannot buy an item of clothing without getting rid of another item. What other ideas have worked for you? I know they’re out there? Have a good rest of your week! I’m actually in Las Vegas right now visiting my family so be sure to check out my reasons I love Vegas Saturday.

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