Pier 1 Inspired Wall Art

 I don't realize it until afterwards; but sometimes I'm in need of taking a step back, getting some perspective, and self evaluating. Recently I had a chance to do this. I have been praying and yearning for ways to be a better human being because I know I am far from perfect. There are many ways that someone could grow personally, but for me I found inspiration religiously. 
I have many personal aspects of my life I want to improve on and with this spring season I hope to refresh my life a little. For starters, I want to smile more. I would like to be more positive, willing to serve, and kind. I want to think the best about others more; and think of others more often than myself. Doing these things are not always easy for me. And now I've told all of you. Eek! Well, here's a few late night thoughts about this spring, whats going on in my crazy head, and how I want to improve.
Speaking of spring would you like to see my latest project? I am changing my living room and saw this ad for a beautiful butterfly wall art piece from Pier 1 Imports. You can see it here . So I clicked the link and kinda cringed at the price tag. Being the craft addict I am, I decided to make my own. And the above picture is what I came up with. How did I do it? I ordered these small butterflies and large butterflies from Ebay. Spray painted them gold and hot glued them to a blank canvas. Yup, that's it. and it only cost me $20! 

I love gold guys; so these butterflies really make my home a happy place. Can you spot a snippet of my gold Love One Another pillow? I am adding gold accents around my living room and it really makes me smile. I can't wait to finish my picture collage and show it to all of you out in internet land. Have a fantastic week. And wherever you're at, I hope you're happy and full of joy. Life is good!

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