How to Bond With Your Children Without Spending Money

I know that we talk a lot about making time for our spouses, ourselves & the kiddos as much as possible. Obviously, these are all pertinent for every mumsy whether or not we are currently mothers or spouses at this point in time! But, do any of us ever give much thought to the quality of what we are doing with that time? 

As I thought about this, I've been reading through some old posts of ours & I think I need to take the advice that  these two lovely ladies & I so willingly bestow upon the public. I would only be an honest writer if I were to heed the advice we give out! The post I'm thinking about most is Michelle's post about dating your kids. 

It struck a cord with me, especially as the three of us started talking about it over pizza on our girls night this weekend. (So much fun!) I really thought about time with my son more than anything. First, our kids are obviously the most important people in our lives & they deserve all the time in the world. Secondly, that time is very easily set aside, we are always at the school, taking them to practice, eating together, etc. While that is a wonderful start, I feel like   it's very easy to get into a habit & just "go through the motions". I think all of that time spent showing love by serving them is still a great routine. I really think it's the best thing to can do to make quality time. We can teach them something we like to do, or learn something new together. The fact that I ever thought I needed to spend money is completely stupid! I'm actually a little mad at myself about it too! 

Lately, my husband has been the champion of quality time with our little babe. He's a third generation fly fishing  extraordinaire. It isn't a hobby for this guy. It's a time honored, almost sacred tradition! He always thought it would be something he would pass down to our son in due time as he became a little less rowdy. (He might have waited forever!) But lately, he has made every effort to get him involved & learn a craft that is very special to his daddy!  You may or may not know that this sport takes a lot of  preparation & practice before you ever got the river. To do all of this with a spirited 6 year old that has 2 sticky hands & feet that dance as much as they walk isn't easy. But, it's important enough to him to establish a lasting bond with our boy! The best part of it all is that it doesn't cost a dime to introduce your child to something they idolize you for! The payoff was watching his face as daddy asked him to join him while he tied the flies they would later use on a quick trip to the lake that afternoon. I bet you could have offered him a limitless shopping trip to Blickenstaff's, his favorite toy store, & he wouldn't have taken it over a fishing trip with daddy! (Trust me, he would live there if they would let him!) 

Is that easy Mumsies! Just start by sharing what you know, & even then, they might soon surprise you with a hobby of their own! I've learned the things we bond over the most are the ones that don't cost a dime. I'm sure it won't take long for you to arrive at the perfect bonding activity for you & the most precious people in your lives. You might not have those little feet running around your home, but this is also something you can do with your significant other or even yourself! Just find something new to learn! Have fun babes! See you soon! 

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