Eco-Friendly Activity For Kids

Hearing the term "Going Green" can make a lot of us Mums tune out everything else that follows.  With everything that we already have to do, having to worry about one more thing can just seem like too much handle.  

Trust us, we get it.

 However, we have found that Going Green can actually be quite easy and seldom demand much of your time, money, or resources.  Seriously, it can be as easy as recycling, walking/biking more than driving, and up-cycling some out dated items you have lying around your nest.  With Earth Day only a week away, we thought we would share with you some our favorite ways to live a little more on the green side of life.  First up, is a paper eating monster that my kids and I like to call Fred.  

Concocted from an article that I saw in the April 2014 edition of Family Fun magazine, Fred is a family friendly monster that loves nothing more than to devour any paper scraps that you have lying around your nest.  Once he's full, simply pack Fred up and place him in your recycling bin or take him to your local recycling center for an educational family excursion. 

To make Fred, all you need is:

2 large paper grocery bags, various colors of construction paper, scissors, glue and masking tape.

In one of your paper grocery bags, cut a large opening for the mouth (any shape goes).  Use your glue to attach a row of construction paper teeth on the inside part of your mouth.  Then add eyes, horns, arms, and anything else your heart desires.  Open your second paper bag and slip your first bag over the opening; making sure to overlap the edges by and inch or two.  Seal with your masking tape, and you're finished!

Loves and Hugs,

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