Egg Carton Garden Craft

Hey there Mums! I’m actually out camping competing in a challenge based race called Questival right now. You can see my adventures at @natashialaurene or #byson. It’s pretty fun but I’m taking a break to share a fun idea for you and your little ones for Spring. This idea is fun and it will help you educate your children about gardening. This activity got my little ones excited about gardens. Next week we will be having a “Going Green Week”. So hopefully this post will get you in the spirit.

What you need:

Felt (in different colors)

Green pipe cleaners


2/3 yard Brown cotton fabric

Brown Ribbon


Hot Glue

Plastic fold –top Sandwich bags

Twist Ties


1.      Mold your pipe cleaners for whatever types of plants you have chosen. I chose to have roots at the ends of mine to help them stay stable.

2.      Place the corner of a plastic sandwich bag into one of an egg carton.

3.      Place the molded pipe cleaners into the plastic bag in the egg carton root side down.

4.      Fill the bag with beans until it comes to about the top of the egg carton.

5.      Twists tie the beans around the pipe cleaner really tight. You do not want and wiggle room or pipe cleaner to be loose.

6.      Next cut out shapes of the veggies or flowers you want to make.

7.      Cut out a brown circle big enough to completely wrap around the plastic bag full of beans and tie the fabric with the brown ribbon.

8.      Hot glue the fruit shapes to the tops of your stems.

9.      Now repeat with as many plants you’d like.
10. Get out the watering cans and shovels and play away!

Feel free to be creative and have fun. My children know what a pipe cleaner and hot glue gun is because they have helped me so much with crafts. So don’t be afraid to have your little ones help out. Have an awesome weekend!

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