As many of you know, this is the last day of National Infertility Week in the US. I've struggled a little too write a post speaks for all of my sisters that struggle with this epidemic on a daily basis. I feel so close to all of you who have responded to my posts or shared your story with me. 

  I've cried with you, I've cried for you, I've thought about you & I've prayed for you. We may not have ever had the chance to speak, but my greatest hope is that I have made it known that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You all deserve to be parents to as many children as you feel belong in your family! You all have seen my public struggle. I've endured a few losses. I took so many pills, & was injected with so many things. I went though various surgeries to remove complications from those medicines. I think I've forgotten what it's like to feel "normal". 

 A couple of weeks ago, I started to feel like I was at my worst point in the battle with this body that never quite worked right. I did everything I thought would make me feel up to the tasks my life puts before me. I got more sun, more exercise, changed my diet, drank more water, called my mom... I told my husband what had been gong on & he said "maybe you should take a pregnancy test!" I rolled my eyes & we both laughed. How silly of him! I'm never pregnant! Later that week, I went to the grocery store & I passed the isle with the pregnancy tests gloating on the shelves. It was like they were taunting me as I tried to avoid them. In spite, I decided to conquer my fear of the tiny boxes & just buy one. This would have probably been the thousandth time I had done this in 6 years. To have another negative test would have been another drop in a sea of disappointment. You can imagine my shock as I took the test & A GIANT PLUS SIGN APPEARED! I was sure it was a defect in the brand & I would soon hear about a national recall of EPT products. I then went back to the store & purchased 2 different brands just to confirm my suspicion. As I waited for each one to process, each had revealed an image that most women in my position dream of all their lives.

I reluctantly made an appointment with my doctor's office. I've been here before too. I've laid down in front of a screen & seen nothing on it. This time however, was exactly the opposite! There it was, a tiny moving figure with the even smaller flicker of a heartbeat. Now it was real. I had a viable pregnancy! Even as I write those words I have to look twice at them. 

I was very worried about how I would share my news. I know that some of you are still aching for a day like this. As excited as I am, I'm still part of a sisterhood of strong women who I will  always fight for. You are all so dear to me & I want this to be a message of hope. Keep trying. Give it everything you have. You will have someone in your corner the length of your battle. That person is me! I will continue with you in my mind every step of my journey. Have an incredible weekend Mumsies! You deserve it! 


  1. This is a really sweet post. It was also funny, and I enjoyed reading it :) Congratulations on your good news!

    1. Well thank you Katie! I'm so happy that I was able to have a little miracle. I just wish I could make it happen for everyone! -LaChelle

  2. Thanks for your sharing experiences and results. Nice! I will check and share with my friends about this suggestion.