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I'm always looking for new things to share with all of you that will help you feel as beautiful as you are on the inside & bring it outside! I know from personal experience & from friends' experiences that there are small things you can do in 30 minutes at a salon or day spa that will change the way you view that wonderful woman in the mirror. I know all of you are working to be the best Mumsy you can be, but sometimes all we need is a little more confidence & you can do anything you set your mind to. So, I thought I would share some of the things I've learned with a little help! 

Let me just tell you! I had the best day earlier this month at my new favorite day spa! It's called Amara & it's worth all of the buzz we have been giving it on our social media. I've been to several day spas in several places & I have NEVER been as impressed as I was with everything about this wonderful place! We are teaming up for some beauty posts here on Mumsy & I thought it would just be ride of me to not introduce the fine people that made it happen. 

The girls at Amara were so kind to treat me to a day of pampering, so of course I said yes! Most of the time, walking into a salon or a day spa is an intimidating experience. I do my best to keep an open mind, but I'm usually met at the door with snobbery or not spoken to all until I ask for some help at the desk. My experience at Amara was quite the contrary! As soon as I walked in the door, there were about 6 people that greeted me with a smile. 2 more people asked if they could take my coat. 3 more people offered to get me something to drink. (By the way babe's, there is Diet Coke on tap & a machine that dispenses pebble ice! Any salon employee will grab you one as soon as you ask for it! It's a dream right??) All this happened before I even introduced myself as a blogger coming in to do a feature on their business. That told me they must treat every single person that walks through the door the same. That's the kind of place I want to be! 

I was mesmerized by the beautiful boutique in the front. There are a lot of stores that proclaim they are a one stop shop. But,  Amara really does meet that definition! There are baiting suits, jewelry, shoes, unique & on trend clothes, hair care products, a wide selection of Smashbox Cosmetics, top of the line skincare products as well as the perfect line of gifts for someone you love! A lot of those products are not found anywhere else in Utah County. They truly have something nobody else does! 

As soon as I did introduce myself, I was met with a warm smile & shown back to the spa. Everything here was placed to make you feel cozy while you are taking some time for yourself. I was blown away by the sincere concern for what I felt I needed to work on with my treatments & warm but professional attitudes while receiving my services. 

Later, I had the opportunity to speak with Master Esthetician & Manager Cassidy. We talked way too long & way too loud like we were old friends catching up. She confirmed my theory that as a company, Amara holds it's guests at the highest priority!  She told me that the first thing she looks for while hiring an employee is their personality & how they treat people. They absolutely need to be qualified, but if they wouldn't treat a customer like family, they are not right for the job! They pride themselves on having the same clients since Owner & Victoria Beckham look-a-like Leigh Bennet started Amara in her basement 10 years ago! If that's not an inspiring mum, I don't know what is! She has a real love for working with people & it all trickles down to each person who is lucky enough to be her employee! For more information, click here to take a tour of Amara & see for yourself!  

"I could never be more grateful than to love all of my jobs. I am very passionate about our industry and I'm very passionate about being a mom of 4. Both jobs make me better at the other and I love showing my kids that I love what I do! They even play Amara with each other and their friends, a few years ago they were caught practicing a Brazilian wax on each other.... Yikes!!"
-Leigh Bennet

That's it for today babes! I hope this post got you pumped for the next 3 in the series that will feature wonderful Amara employees & teach you about simple services that will really give your confidence a boost! Can't wait to share what I've learned! 

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