What to Put in Your Easter Baskets

It's hard to believe that Easter is will be here in less than two weeks!  Although there are many things that we absolutely love about this holiday, today we wanted to talk about Easter baskets.  Over the years we have each experienced talking with other Mums about what we were going to put in our children's baskets.  So we thought it only fitting that we shared it here with all of you too!

When it comes to filling our families' Easter baskets, we love to put in items that reflect the current interests of each person.  This year, we noticed that a lot of our chickies' interests were focused around make-believe, being active, and creatvitiy.  To find items that would foster these three things we went to our favorite store in the ENTIRE world, Blickenstaff's.  Mums, this place is AH-MAZING!  Each and every toy, soda, or candy you look at has the specific purpose of solely being there to create a memorable experience for every person that walks through the doors.  Plus, we knew that the products we would be getting at Blickenstaff's would be reasonably priced, one-of-a-kind nostalgic items that would go above and beyond in creating joyous life lasting memories for each of our kids.  An all around win-win for any Mum out there!

Although we would love nothing more than to share what we got for each and every one of our chickies', we decided to keep it simple and just share what we got for three of the six boys that are in our little brood.  So, sit back, maybe take a few notes, relax and enjoy reading what we have to share.



The Active Child Basket

What I Got
 30" Beamo Flying Hoop
Fish Umbrella by Toysmith
Spirograph Design Set
Tin Top and Self Winding by Schylling
Touchable Bubbles by Toysmith
 Chinese Yo-yo
 Light Up Balls by Toysmith
 Pajama Time Board Book
Tin Car Racers by Schylling

 Why I Got It
My basket is for the active child and you should know my kids are nothing but active. My middle son is constantly on the move so I picked out toys for him. I made sure to pick up plenty of toys good for outside, such as the Flying Hoop. He also loves bouncing balls everywhere so I was excited to find these small light up balls perfect size for an Easter basket. 

I chose a few more outdoor-type toys such as the tin top, touchable bubbles, and Chinese yo-yo all perfect for an Easter basket. Rainy days don't keep us indoors so I picked up a fun fish umbrella. With April showers coming, I know this umbrella will be hit! What active child wouldn't love a set of tin car racers to push and chase around. These are so fun because they continue moving after you've pushed them. My active child needs an outlet for times when  he has to be still, such as a doctor's appointment. It really helps my active man during these times when he has something in his hands, so chose to get him a Spirograph set. Lastly I found this fun book called Pajama Time by Sandra Bounton. For my active child bedtime is not always the easiest. This book will be a great way to transition my man on the move to bedtime. I'm excited for these toys to bring plenty of hours of fun and entertainment which means many hours of happiness for me. Score!

The Brainiac Basket

What I got
Star Wars set
Silly putty
Brain Quest cards
Alien stickers
Mini tape measure
Puzzle cube
Wind up dino
Bendy robots

Why I Got It
I'm calling my Easter basket "the brainiac" since my handsome young man is interested in anything mechanical. Mostly, anything you can take apart, learn how it works & rebuild. He also has a current obsession with star wars, so the Lego set was a given! He is also fascinated by the way kites work & it's perfect kite flying weather this season, so that would be something we can do as a family. If you hadn't noticed from my previous posts, my boy is busy & hungry for new knowledge. So, the Brain Quest cards were right up his alley. I also thought they would come in handy for summertime learning as well. The workings silly putty had always thrilled me, so I'm sure he would get a kick out of it too! The bendy robots & were alien stickers were just fun! His bedroom is decorated with space pictures & robot gear. I just knew he would love them! The rest of the haul would be inventive things that might fit into eggs. So the mini tape measure, puzzle cube & wind up dino would be a pleasing surprise for him.

The Land of Make-Believe Basket

What I Got
Melissa and Doug Sandwich Making Set
Chattering Teeth
Air Power Soccer Disk
"The Magic Tree" picture book
Strike Force Army Men
European Candy and a Specialty Soda

Why I Got It
Right now I feel like Gus is all about using his imagination and pretending to be everything from a fire breathing dragon to a cattle lassoing cowboy.  Since every day is a journey in the land of make-believe,  I decided that I would just get items that enveloped his current obsession.  So, this year for Easter, I filled my little man's basket with items that will bring the inner chef, soccer pro, soldier, explorer, prankster, and gardener that I know are just waiting to make their grand debut.  As for the candy and soda, I believe that it isn't officially Easter until the Easter baskets are topped of with our traditional specialty sodas and European candies.  Luckily for me, Blickenstaff's was totally able to help me out with that too!  


* A Note:  Due to the incredibly amazing generosity of the people of Blickenstaff's, we were given the opportunity of creating insanely magical and beautiful baskets for our children and we can't say thank you enough!  

Whether you will or won't be creating baskets filled with goodies, the one thing we want all you Mums to know is that quality time with your children is what matters most during the holidays.  Yes, the material side of the holidays can be fun and exciting, but, we believe that the things children will cherish the longest are the memories that come from traditions and lots of love. 

 Happy Easter!

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