Forming and Maintaining Holiday Traditions

I have so many Easter memories from my childhood, but a few stand out more than others. 

My Grandparents were planners, so we always had a routine. My parents would always take us out to Mesa, Arizona the night before the big day for a pageant that always brought the true spirit of Easter. The next day we would get up early, find our baskets,  take out our sponge curlers & put on a brand new dress. Next we would go to church to start the day off. Then we would rush over to my grandparent's house. This was because my Papa couldn't wait to hide all of the eggs & they don't last long in the Arizona sun! After we found them all, the Easter Bunny would spoil us a little more. (I always thought it was awesome that he stopped by  grandparent's houses as well!) After that, we would head over to Encanto Park. A place with seemingly endless fields of green grass, tall shady trees & an  amusement park complete with a train. 

 My Grandma Lynn would prepare an excellent feast each year. It might not seem like a big deal to have a picnic at a park on Easter Sunday to anyone else, but this park is special to us. My Great Great Grandfather planted all of the trees here. We have seen the pictures of him working when the park was being built with tiny trees behind him. He seemed so proud in all of them. I can only imagine him seeing them now in all their majesty! 

My Papa always spent Easter here. His children spent Easter here. His grandchildren spent Easter here. Now, his Great Grandchildren have the opportunity to spend it there too! Now that he had passed away, we all love to go to the park on any given day of the year & remember the love he had for gotta family. Yes, traditions were important to him, but as long as he was surrounded by his family he felt like the richest man on Earth! (Feel free to play "Grandpa" by the Judds & cry your eyes out! That's exactly what I'm doing!)

I believe he was right. You are richer than anyone could be with any amount of gold as long as your family is around you! My wish for all of you Mumsies, is to have the same! Have a wonderful Easter Sunday! 

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