Spring Cleaning Week

   What are germ bugs, you say? The technical term for them would be "bacteria". Germ bugs, along with sugar bugs (mouth bacteria) were my mother's way of keeping us in line! If we didn't clean, the bugs would get us! It might have been a silly approach, but it worked for the most part. However, as I grew older, I constantly am at battle with my messy house!
I come from a long line of extremely tidy women. Each generation picks up where the last left off, with an immaculate home, organized cabinets, bathed children & a dishwasher used twice a day. For some reason, I'm the broken link in that chain. I have never been the type that has a moment & thinks "I need to clean something!" You see, I may look like a grownup, but I'm really just a little girl that needs a little more discipline in her life!  The only thing I have ever been able to keep up with is a good old fashioned chore chart. As I have gotten older, I realized that I still had a hard time trying to do a lot of things at once. I needed a schedule. So, I found a Pinterest invention I could tweak for myself!  

  So, here is my latest list that makes it easier for me to be a little better at what I should be the best at. Print it out if it helps you out. (Yes, I did call the bathrooms potties! I told you, I'm not very mature...)

Well, take it or leave it Mumsies. Here is but one more look into the crazy train wreck we call my brain. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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